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Where we want to be- conversations from 31 days of growing family conversations

Today on day 12 of the 31 days to growing family conversation the focus is on where we want to be. This is a broad area.

  • Where we want to be as a couple.
  • Where we want to be with our friends.
  • Where we want to be with our family.
  • Where we want to be with our work.
  • Where we want to be living.

There’s been a lot of forward thinking, dreaming and imagining during this series. Although at the beginning being good enough where you are was the first day. Many times we get caught up in the day to day of life. Never looking forward and time passes us. We all have the same amount of time yet there are others that come to mind and you  see them living the life they want and dismiss it happening to you.  Take inspiration from the globe trotting families, if this is what you long or think to do. But if this isn’t your story move on and focus on where we- meaning you and your partner want to be.

Usually when we talk about where we want to be

Traditionally, many people only remember to goal set and do this during the  New year period.

One time.

Having a regular conversation about these questions is like taking the temperature of the family and of the couple. We see the enthusiasm and the discord, the fact we’re united on somethings and perspective on others. Talking about where we want to brings us together travelling in the same direction.

Conversation: What would you like to do just you and me? When can we have some of your/our/my friends around or Let’s go out with our friends. Is there anything you fancy doing with the family this month ? In 5 years time where would we be working? Will this be our ultimate home- do you see us moving/settling?

These are all questions to get the conversation going and growing  closer to our partners. A little bit of back and forth. A little bit of reflection and care in our reactions. This can be a gentle and exciting birth of many new ideas and directions.  Also the place for laughter and casting off of old dreams and ideas.

We’ve had interesting conversations about where we want to be financially that led to Dave Ramsey- Financial University program. You may also want to talk about where we want to be spiritually with changing churches or starting a practice. It’s not until we have an illness or see someone close up that we may think about where we want to be with our health. This really is a broad topic.

Join in

Come back and share your experiences,and stories . How did you get on?

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