Where can I find play activities I can do with my kids?

There are all sorts of activity sites online. It’s hard to sift through and find ones that give you what you want. If you are a regular reader of the Play Activities blog you’ll know that this site has had a chatty cousin called Raising Playful Tots.  Raising Playful Tots is a podcast available 24 hours a day about play activities and mums making the most of their playtime.

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I’m excited to share that working in collaboration with Nicole from Planning with Kids we both launched a new index of play blogs called Raising Playful Tots Index.

Complied in one place are bloggers who love Play. They promote Early childhood play with a variety of play activities and inspirational ideas for our under 8 children in one place.

Whether you are looking for new ideas, inspiration, things to do , babysitting tonight and need a helping hand, pop on over to the RPTI and enjoy the exciting play activities by parents and educators.

You will have a full play folder with a range of play activities from specialist to generalist. Waldorf play inspired to homeschooled, baby, toddler, preschool and School activities for you to dip into depending on what you are looking for.

There will be some familiar blogs and many new ones.

Check out the Raising Playful Tots Index, FAQs and About the RPTI for more information and claim your badge if you’re in the Top100. You can see one of the badges in the sidebar>>>

Thanks to Nicole also for her hardwork. It’s been a joy working with Nicole even though we’re actually continents away.

So that question…………….Where can I find play activities I can do with my kids?

Raising Playful Tots Index

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