What do you love to do with us?

What do you love to do with us


Welcome back to the 31 days of growing family conversations. For these past few days the focus has been on growing family conversations around our children. Asking them good open ended questions and listening. Today the focus is on what do you love to do with us?

Take note of the activities they say.

Try to get a photo of you doing the activity together ( like the collage above) Although I’m not in it I was there. 🙂

They grow up so quickly and taking these types of photos are a lovely reminder of the good times they enjoyed and not just the ones we wanted them to enjoy.

What do you love to do with each person?

I have amazing memories of strawberry picking and we probably only went once a season. I remember making and playing with playdough and feeling the warm dough.

I remember watching my dad fashion and work material; completely transforming it. All these type of memories are one time experiences. I also remember many happy times traveling 1 to 2 hours in the car and the conversations, music and radio shows we listened to.

With each person there was something special I loved to do and wished I did more.

These questions give the chance for our children to share their current loves. Also a chance for a reminisce and connecting about past activity.

Pictures make memories come back alive when we’re triggered by sights, sounds and smells almost as if we were back there. That afternoon we crafted, when out for a hot chocolate, played monopoly and lost or swung so hard on the roundabout you were almost sick.

Sometimes we’re want to fill up our children’s lives with so many experiences and activities. We learn so much more by asking what do they love?

This question leads onto many others and gives them a chance to express their feelings about many things beyond their control. Knowing what they love will likely lead onto what they don’t love. We can be more sensitive when we do those types of activities ( or even change them if appropriate)

Yesterday the question was what do you love to do. These were more the alone, friends and sibling activities. There was no hard and fast rules with these questions. You may find overlap. It is interesting to see what they like to do with us compared to what they like to do by themselves ( or without us and with siblings and friends)

Conversation: What is your favourite thing to do with a) mum? b) dad? c) the family?

Try it for each child.

Join in

Come back and share your experiences,and stories . How did you get on?

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