TMT: Shaving Cream

Yesterday I posted about the shaving cream activity.  Today is Tell me Thursday.

I found a dinner tray and covered it with shaving foam. It’s amazing what the kids will do with it.  Cookie trays work even better to contain the foam but a good clean up afterwards is easy with the nice smelling shaving foam. Usually kids cannot resist touching it and moving it around. They don’t need us to encourage them unless they are tactile sensitive.  For those children this is a great activity to start them off in exploring new sensations because it comes off easily with a wash and it smells good too. Additions are always good too like adding glitter or cereal.

This is actually a fun calming activity. We had the bathroom close by to wash hands. But a bowl near by so they can dip it in is handy and adds another dimension- floating foam. The room smells great afterwards if you use a scented shaving foam. It’s an inexpensive play activity that teaches them a lot about how materials work.

I’ve only used this activity with toddlers and older who wouldn’t put the shaving cream in their mouth. None of my children have eczema or any other skin allergies or a sensitivity to soap. I never left them alone unsupervised. There were plenty of things for me to do nearby so I didn’t have to sit with them.  Don’t be discouraged from these messy play activities because of the need for supervision. The kids get better at knowing what they can and shouldn’t do. If you initially schedule the time you’ll be able to encourage appropriate play and the fun will follow for you both.

If you have a baby that’s tried dairy and not allergic then yogurt in the high chair works well. If older babies still, then pudding works well too. Babies will put it in their mouth which is why shaving foam/cream isn’t appropriate for them.

We loved the scented shaving cream but it may be too strong for your child’s sensitive nose. There are lots of unscented foams and ones made especially for children and bathtime.

When I was cooking he was happy to create on the table over there with the foam. Open ended play with no expectations but their imagination to guide them. It’s amazing how long they will stay and play. Kids need more open ended imagination activities especially in the early years.

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What hands on sensory activities would you like your kids to try? Do you encourage or steer clear of messy play activities?

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  1. Oh, I love shaving cream play! It’s so much less messy than pudding finger paints, but just as much fun 🙂

  2. My parents could never get me to play in messy things like that when I was a kid…and I haven’t changed much 😉

  3. This would be really fun to do outside in the summer time. I should try pudding with my baby. I bet he would have so much fun!


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