Tips for continuing to grow while having a family

Tips for continuing to grow while having a family

We waste a lot of time.

That’s a pity because we could use it better.

I’m not thinking to cram more things in but to do more of the things we want to do.

Busy has become the new badge. We’re all busy and this is good?……….. not really.  However not really doesn’t really  give us enough because busy means so many different things to each of us and we’re busy for many different reasons.

All this busyness keeps us in motion but is it propelling us in the direction we want to go. Are we spinning our wheels?spinning plates? treading water?

Today we’re looking at our growth and growing within our family. It’s not always easy. Enough with the excuses here are some easy ways to continue growing as a person and bloom.

  1. read more books
  2. listen to books
  3. find podcasts
  4. enroll in local clubs
  5. join a book club
  6. start a class
  7. participate in an online class
  8. travel to another country, city or town
  9. study a new language
  10. Pick back up the hobby you stopped X years ago.
  11. start a conversation with a stranger
  12. Go to a live event or conference
  13. Seek out new friends
  14. Go/stop going to playgroup
  15. Watch less of some and more of another
  16. ?

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Conversation: What are you doing to grow? What would you add to your list or have you done recently?


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