Making service and giving easier for the under 5s

Holiday time is often the time we remember service and giving activities. Maybe it is the thought of all the incoming gifts into our full homes or the awareness of those who have little or are going without.

Overburdening our children with adult issues is something we’ve really struggled with as a family to come to some sort of agreement on what to talk about with service and charitable giving. So we’re not overburdening them. ¬†We’ve enjoyed new iniatives like working with

We want them to be world aware but the news is often inappropriate for the under 5s or young children to understand without lots of talk.So MaryAnn’s question in our cross blog conversation really made me stop, think and begin to do more than see this as a problem.

How can we use charitable opportunities to encourage global understanding?

Here are four ways you can ease into charitable opportunities, servicing and giving activities with your under 5s with a global perspective

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