31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Twenty Three} Jello towers


Welcome to Day Twenty Three of 31 days of Sensory Play.


Building towers and knocking them down has to be one of the number one activities in your home. Who can resist the sound and the build up? Blocks aren’t just for babies and perhaps your child is like mine and likes to build with lots of different things. ┬áHere’s the scientist at work trying different materials.

We’ve used Jello a few times for cooking. The boys haven’t liked the texture and I wasn’t so keen on it myself. Jelly and ice cream is a classic birthday party food in the UK. The boys have been presented with various shades and flavours and finally have developed a taste for a few of them. We have a few packets around because we did try out a jello roll recipe, that they love. Mysteriously a packet appears in my shopping bag each time we go.:)

Today we decided to have some fun building with wobbly substances because we were in a building mood and we had jello ( jelly UK) packets coming out of our ears.

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Toddler play activities with conkers

We went looking for conkers.

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How many different types of ball do you currently have available at home?

Balls are great for exploring with little hands because they are tactile ( tennis ball, nubby ball, smooth ball etc) Being able to hold, grasp and move a ball in your hand takes coordination of body, and visual skills. Then there’s the motor planning of moving it from hand to hand without dropping it. Anticipating and compensating for weight, Rolling it, catching, throwing and kicking it in the direction you want using the large muscles

Whatever the weather balls make a great toys because you can use them in different ways inside and outside. Kids love working with them and improving their skills. Try to have out at home different shapes, colours and sizes.

Current favourites in the house

1) the small very bouncy balls that work best on wood/tile surfaces. They play, how high can it bounce ( before we hit something)? How many bounces can we get with one big throw? ( 7 is our record) Who will catch the ball once we bounce it wildly?

2) Nobbie Gertie Ball, rolling it to your partner, bowling it like a bowling ball and using your arm like a hockey bat whilst sitting on the floor opposite each other seeing if you can get it pass the other.

How do you use balls inside?

Looking for some new balls to try

I’m sure we all remember: Gymnic Hop Ball – Yellow – 45cm for Age 3-5
For more ball ideas try Fat brain toys or achievement products

Alltop, all the cool kids (and me)

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