TED Talks for Parents- Self Control

Understanding the neuroscience when that tantrum happens and how we can teach ourselves and our children self control. Dr Becky Bailey shares simple examples

When you’re at home with young children your world can sometimes feel like it is shrinking. With the change of circumstances everything that used to happen is likely to be different. Different for a while and maybe even changed for good.

It’s not always easy having a discussion, when you have a newly crawling baby or pushing toddler while you are out with friends or at the local playgroup. We lose track. It’s not always the best time and we don’t see their body language as much as we’re busy resucing our child, bringing them back, seeing where they’ve got to or off to change a messy bottom.

It can feel isolating if you’re at home and everything has changed. A new area to navigate many would say but it’s not easy for everyone to learn how to navigate being a new parent with our need to talk about the rudimentaries of childcare along with our need to talk about topical issues, news and inspiration. Sometimes it’s just not possible.

Solutions to the brain fog

I love TED talks because you can listen and watch the video.

You can pause.

Invaluable ( see above)

They are often short.

Short enough to get a simple point across that you immediately have an opinion on and want to talk to your friend or spouse about. There are a huge and wide range of topics and directions of TED talks. I want to share a few of my favourites that I believe give great value to us as parents. They make us think and give us something to do differently perhaps and many times challenge or prod us gently to look in another direction.

Top of my list is this one from Dr Becky Bailey.  I love what she does over at Conscious Discipline. If you’re curious about more then listen into a show  on common behavioural actions that derail our play with the kids and their play with us.  There’s refreshing answers, scripts and time for reflection.

I believe we ALL can relate to kids throwing tantrums on the floor.

Full on.

In public.

And us desperately trying to find a way through clenched teeth to get going and hoping no one is really seeing this.

Our child has lost the self regulation and self control and we are on the edge of losing ours.
When you see the neuroscience behind how we can help ourselves ( stay calm) and help our child…..it’s pretty amazing really.

After you’ve had a watch let me know what’s your favourite TED talk. I’ll be adding a few more. If you can’t wait then check out the TED talk board on Pinterest.

31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Seventeen} Connecting with our children and buttons


Welcome to Day Seventeen of 31 days of Sensory Play.

All of these sensory activities in this 31 day series are designed for us to work together intentionally with our children. Often we multi task while our children play nearby which is a good thing. They get to be creative and learn without us. Although time can slip by during a day and you realize that you’ve left invitations to play, left out playdough or shaving foam and you’ve not interacted as much as you were planning.

Intervention and input gives us an insight into the struggles and joys of our child’s current stage. We see where we can encourage and let go more. [Read more…]

Friday Finds {10.08.2012}

Car race track

The hardest time is the gap between saying, “Go find something to do!” and them finding something to do. I don’t know about you but I’m so tempted to talk more and direct them.

We try and have unstructured downtime everyday. Not just  now, some random filling in time but planned to give a decent length of time to allow for creating ( and putting away or to the side).

This fine creation happened this week. I love the creativity of using the Fiddlestixand he played for a long while refining and building his racetrack.

I too had to find something to do and it worked. I said nothing.



Friday Finds is the place to unwind, grab yourself a comfy chair and reflect on your past week then plan for the upcoming one. With a little something to make you think, for them to do and for us to listen or watch……. We are putting ideas into action. Challenging ourselves to do a little differently. Be inspired.

Link up your posts  that fit one of these categories.

Enjoy your weekend!

Goodness for the mind: Raising Successful Children :: NYTimes.com

Activities for the body: Over and Out!: 2 Great Obstacle Courses :: Education.com

Goodness for the eyes and ears: Why Duct Tape Parenting? What’s in a Name :: Parenting on Track

This week on Raising Playful Tots podcast::  Back to school for 5 year olds and under

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Dusting off your new ipod or smartphone

It’s been almost a month now since you got your shiny new smartphone/ipad/ipod. You’ve got to grips with some features but you know it can do so much more.

You’ll be wanting to listen to shows that help you as a parent or maybe you need some light relief.

Photo credit

How to find shows?


  • Download iTunes it’s a free piece of software that holds a vast directory of podcasts, as well as music, movies and radio.
  • Once you have downloaded iTunes visit the podcast section in the iTunes store. There’s a search bar in the top right corner.
  • Look at your favourite radio shows most have a podcast version so you never miss them again.


  • Blackberry has a podcast directory where you can find shows.
  • Stitcher is a free application you install on your smartphone. You can listen to content right from your phone without needing to be syncing your computer and ipod.

Podcasts to try

The (Over)thinking Mom

This is a recent find for me and I’m loving digging into the archives as Meredith has some great topics.Meredith talks about interesting and topical subjects around parenting. She loves researching and investigating- which is good for us as she shares it all in this podcast. I’ve really enjoyed her range of episodes and just like “MPR”  ( NPR), I found myself listening to topics I didn’t think I would be interested in and totally got hooked. Cost : Free

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BAM- Body, Mind and Child

BAM is a radio network of many channels that caters to parents, educators and leaders in Education. The show I listen to the format is the host, Rae Pica putting questions to two or more guests with opposing opinions. It often makes for a lively discussion.   Deborah of Teachpreschool.org was a recent guest. These shows are 10- 15 minutes long and are packed with lots of information and background on children. It’s the one that plays in the right sidebar of this site. Cost: Free

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Apple Juice Radio

This a fun husband and wife podcasting duo talking about the parents guide to children’s books and films. This show is based in the UK. I really enjoy the reviews as they are not sugar coated and always with a positive spin neither do the couple  always agree so the discussion is spirited and you can totally get the point the view. There’s a lot of laughter and you really feel like you’re listening into a conversation in their 15-25 minute show. They are show notes that give more information about the book and the film. Cost: Free

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Classics for Kids podcast

All the previous podcasts were for parents to listen for themselves or to learn for the children. This podcast is one that was recommended to me by a homeschooling mom who uses the podcast as part of her curriculum. It’s a short podcast that illustrates a classic composer and is full of music.  At 6 minutes it’s perfect “setting the table” listening in our house to keep everything moving along. Each composer lasts 3-5 podcasts but with the bite sized child friendly language and chunks it is totally accessible as an easy listen. Cost: Free.

Parents’ Perspective

One of the first podcasts I subscribed to in the mid Naughties and still a favourite today. This is a co-hosted show where the topics are on parenting and offer a wie range of material, not just focused on the Early years. The host starts with a senario and ends with the interview  of a special guest expert that attempts to answer the question. With each show approximately 27 mintues long the time goes really quickly as you listen to stories and information. Cost: Free

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The Because Show

All the previous shows were information about development or parenting ideas whereas these three women from Los Angeles talk about a subject each week. It’s not a parenting show and it is a parenting show as all three are parents. They have occasional guest but usually we have girlfriends answering questions, sharing stories and commenting on life. It’s a refreshing  to listen  to parents who can talk about and experience other things other than children and perfect listening during the day. They do have an explicit tag to some of their material which is useful when you have little ears who would love nothing better than to repeat what they hear. You can check each show and they usually say beforehand in the intro. They really are like a magazine with the diversity of subjects and views. They have long and short shows. Cost: Free

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Raising Playful Tots

My show.

Raising Playful Tots (RPT) is a weekly podcast and Internet Radio show for mums who want to make the most of Early Childhood playtime. We offer tips, suggestions, guest interviews and conversation about how to keep appropriate play central in the under 5s in our care.  Time: between 20 and 30 minutes. Cost: Free

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Carnival of Parenting Podcasts

Why Podcasts?

Photo credit

What do you do once the children go to bed of an evening? Slump in front of the TV, grab a book, watch a movie, study for school, go to club, Facebook or Tweet? We all have our things we do. There’s a podcast out there for you too.

::Ones for parents to learn and grow

::Once for parents to be transported

::Ones for parents to laugh and groan.

So many different types.

As a parent who is interested in playing with their child there’s got to be time for the parents to play. Fun for your ears.

What’s a recent podcast you’ve subscribed to?

TMT: Blissdom 10

Yesterday I showed you a slideshow of some recent pictures with me.

At the beginning of February, along with 499+  other women( and a few guys) I found my way to Nashville, Tn for the Blissdom conference.

Delta Atrium, Gaylord Opryland Resort & Conven...
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Blissdom is a conference for bloggers who are moms or who work with moms.

If you’ve never been to a conference before I would really recommend this one as it’s small enough to get to know people and have genuine connections plus there are  so many people to meet and you get to stay in drop dead gorgeous surroundings.

As usual with so much going on I really forgot to take photographs of people. I got the notes and met the people I wanted, apart from a few. I’m sure there were lots of others I didn’t know were there.

The Opryland hotel was amazing. Who would think you’d get a walk in before breakfast and have scenery like this and not be bothered by the walk…..ever!

I was excited to room with Stephanie of Keeper of the home and Rene of Budget saving mom. If you’re looking for organic tips and money saving tips I learnt a lot from these ladies. Please say hi when you go visit them:)

Stephanie is a passionate homeschooler, organic gardener and amateur nutritionist. She’s also the wife of an entrepreneur and a mama to three little ones. Taking a practical approach, she writes daily articles on inspired natural living for homemakers at her blog, Keeper of the Home. Her first book, Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time, was published in 2009, and her second book, Real Food on a Real Budget, is due to be published February 2010.

Rene is the wife to a great guy, mother of three daughters with one more on the way. She loves to save money, find deals, freebies, and garden. She tries to eat mainly organic foods on a budget, and has started a gardening series to show others how to raise some of their own food. Rene blogs at Budgetsavingmom.

Are you planning on any conferences this  year? Which conferences do you prefer- ones away from home or day conferences locally?

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