Time to cook

The first time I saw Gnocchi made was at a friend’s home in Italy.

We were all relaxing with wine, cheese and antipasti while our host prepared the Gnocchi right there in the kitchen. There was no go and sit in the other room while I do things in the kitchen. We were altogether watching, doing, talking and laughing about the crazy things our children did that week. It was pretty amazing being part of the food experience.

Kids are the same way. Introduce them and include them in cooking and they are enthusiastic and interested.

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31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Fourteen} Sweet Potato Chips

Welcome to Day Fourteen of 31 days of Sensory Play.

Sweet potato was always on the menu growing up.

We had them mashed into our white potatoes, cooked with yam, banana and dumplins as a side dish or my favourite in soup.   Sweet potato is a savoury item to me. Meeting my husband completely changed my view of sweet potatoes as it’s something we had as a sweet. Sweet potato pie although yummy, if that’s how you see a sweet potato it’s hard to have it with your main meal without thinking blah.

My family prefers the savoury taste and although I try and add in sweet potato, just like how I liked it. They don’t. The complaint was , “Too sweet!”

So instead of giving up completely I add in sweet potato in smaller proportions which seems to do the trick. The problem with adding a little bit of sweet potato is what to do with the other part?

Here’s what I’ve been doing recently as a lovely treat for …..ahem me but the boys found out my guilty secret. As usual, what mummy eats is so much nicer than their own. So now there’s the catch I want the sweet potato and they do too……. No catch! Win-Win! Finally!

Sweet potato chips are a simple treat and this recipe is a baked version to keep it healthier. Try it!

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31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Twelve} Chocolate Dipped Spoons


Welcome to Day Twelve of 31 days of Sensory Play.


When the kids come home from school they are beat! Yours too,  I see.

After the hugs and dumping of  book bags, one of the first things they ask, “What’s for snack?”

With the evenings turning chilly and dark we all love a cosy hot chocolate. Today we’re going to take that up a notch and add a treat.

Because the normal hot chocolate looks sad and lonely

until you have…………chocolate dipped spoons.


Gather together your cooking chocolate, bowls and assortment of spoons. The kids were pretty keen to do this raiding the cupboards and trying to find silly spoons. Luckily we didn’t have a lot of cooking chocolate left.

We melted our chocolate in the mircowave following the instructions on the packet of chocolate. It’s hard to wait for chocolate to melt.

Stir the chocolate so it becomes a lovely drippy gloopy puddle. You get to harness that energy as they whip up the chocolate.

Now the moment comes when you choose your spoon. Dip it in and sprinkle your favourite cake toppers.

Leave the spoon on waxed paper to harden and resist eating the bits of chocolate that you find. 🙂

The next afternoon we sat down for our afternoon treat……


There’s nothing like sitting together and learning about their day. Sweet memories, smiles and wondering where the chocolate stars disappeared……

Your turn

  • Try a tasty drink treat.

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Pizza fun with kids

We stumbled across this recipe from Our best bites. We often have a pizza night along with our family night where we often make pizza.

We decided to use the family night to make and eat the pizza. This was a great together activity. The boys cut, weighed, placed and worked on these pizzas.

We made two types of pizza balls; a cheese based one and a meat based one.

Our basic ingredients

  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Pineapple and sweetcorn

( slices of precooked chicken- leftovers)

Plus refrigerated pizza dough.

  • Layout the dough according to package instructions.
  • Using a pizza cutter. Divide into large squares.
  • Add your filling

  • Pinch each closed so the filling is inside and the dough is outside.
  • Place seam side down in a greased dish.
  • Brush top with garlic butter/oil and sprinkle liberally with Parmesan cheese.

We poured seasoned sauce in a ramekin for dipping.

Cooking with kids is a lot of fun. They can get really creative and usually eat what they make 🙂

As a recipe we all loved it. It was labour intensive having to roll up each bite but the time together was totally worth it.

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