Easy Advent Activities

easy advent activities

We love our advent calendar.
Each year it has pride of place and the children eagerly wait to open a draw. With three children we have three different Advent calenders. To further complicate it the children rotate, their idea, of course, so no one advent calendar belongs to them.

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Creating memories to cherish during the holiday season

Creating memories to cherish during the holiday season

I don’t know about you but with three boys both now in school there have been triple requests for many things. Then comes the holiday dos and obligations.

This time of year can feel like a giant merry-go-round that  you’ve ended up on and have to ride to the end of the month.

In previous years, I’ve not handled it very well. I see it coming and try and predict where to go but eventually I feel tired, overwhelmed and feel everyone else gets the benefit of the season but me.

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5 ways to reuse Christmas wrapping paper

Christmas has come and gone but most likely you have a huge pile of wrapping paper to recycle. Dig them out and start a tradition.

What shall we do with all this wrapping paper?

5 ways to reuse Christmas wrapping paper

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12 days of Christmas family activity

The popular song at Christmas is  the 12 day of Christmas .From what I understand, the song was said as a round during celebrations after Christmas. Each person had to remember to add a new verse and remember what came before. If you forgot you had to do a forfeit. Sounds like a fun game!
During the long days of Christmas holiday we’re looking for a together family activity. There’s a lot of imagination at Christmas time with Santa, Christmas movies that many things seems magical to the little ones and perhaps a little far away or beyond them. They are creative too and we can encourage them by providing fun opportunities to be silly as well as use their environment.
It’s that looking at everyday things around us  and playing with them in our homes and area that we want to cultivate in our children. Let them problem solve by finding things and using them/seeing them for use in other ways. [Read more…]

Unplugged: Wrapping paper

We thought we’d try another attempt at the unplugged project. We had so much fun the last time even though the outcome wasn’t what we expected.

We collected all the wrapping paper into a massive trash bag.  I had planned on an activity where you screw up the paper and throw it into a box. It’s one of our favourite rainy day activities with scrap paper. Get’s rid of some of the energy. What was I thinking? Under wrapping paper will be presents so stopping to do something with the paper and discard the present. That was not happening.

A few days later, I’m learning, we updated a previous craft. Remember this autumn day? We decided to create a winter version.

Here’s how they did it.

Stick to contact paper

Realise that maybe that’s not enough. This is what I love about projects. Problems naturally come up that can be solved by the little ones. I didn’t say a word.

The MO cut off a snowman’s head early on so was too mad to cut anymore for some time. His temperament fit very well with tearing when he came back and he produced this placemat a lot later.

The final results- excuse the glare.

Both placemats have been in heavy use. The Autumnal ones have been retired, temporarily.

What’s playing on Play-activities radio?

Why Are Some Kids Smarter?

Rae Pica and Dr.David Perlmutter

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