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Welcome to Play Activities! Glad to have you here.

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Posting schedule

Currently I post on average twice a week

  1. The Sunday Parenting Party : a collaborative Parenting Posts linky – a place for inspiration, discussion and sharing of Parenting posts with a related post on Parenting.
  2. Article, how to tutorial or play activity at the beginning of the week
  3. The Raising Playful Tots audio podcast is the chatty cousin to Play Activities and is produced and edited weekly. It is available to listen via iTunes on your computer, Stitcher Radio on your smartphone, the website or your favourite app. Each show has show notes with resources and links so you can enjoy the show without taking notes but find the links later. -Handy when you’re listening while working out, commuting, washing up or folding laundry, XXX ( insert show number)
  4. Occasionally I do a longer series




Top posts

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Experience is a good teacher

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If you’re new to play activities at home feel free to start with Operation Playtime a 10 day journey into play. Find your way back to play with 31 days to a more playful tot.


Our family

We’re a male dominated household. My ally is our cocker spaniel. My big loves after my family are candles, chocolate and flowers.

I have three children. Big guy ( BG) 9 who begun this blog. Middle One ( MO) 6 who graduated from the blog last year and the Little One (LO) 4 who is currently on the blog.

I’ve stayed at home with my boys.  Before that I used to teach.

Being at home with the under 5s is very different than anything I have ever done.

We’ve had a lot of opportunities to move and live in different countries, climates and places while serving. We’ve always lived a long plane ride from any family until 2010. It’s still a lovely novelty to know they are a drive away.

Filling out ethnicity forms always make us smile as we’re the ‘other other other’ category. This otherness keeps our home a global adventure.

We’re working on simplifying our lives in all areas. I love to read and my pile of books only ever seem to increase.  I’ve recently started running and love it. Finding time to run regularly is harder but I set a goal to run a 10K in 2012. I have lots to say and enjoy discussion but am generally quiet in company. I love to help people. My ipod is full of podcasts.

I’ve written three ebooks about play