Doing Somethings For Me

Doing Somethings For Me

{Doing somethings for me}

Here we are on Day 2 of 31 days of growing family conversations. For our family to grow we have to talk to that person in the mirror first. I can’t say that it’s been easy and I fail many times. But we must keep trying and going. Seeking new things. Finding our new new.

These first block of posts will be focussing on us. We’re having a conversation with ourselves. I do it anyways…..tell me Ā I’m not alone…..Why us first? Because we don’t get to be first very often šŸ™‚ Okay on with today!

Parenting is hard! Somewhere in the mix, at the beginning, I lost my voice. I became someone else. I wasn’t sure about many things. For me, it was a lot about lack of sleep, new places and not enough direction. It still happens from time to time.

There were always some reasons why I wasn’t doing somethings for me.

I was holding me back.

Doing somethings for me that’s not related to my child seems like an easy thing yet I know many of us go in and out of this season.

Something has got to give and often it is us. Planning to do something for ourselves can feel like a lot of hard work but it’s important that we have more than a little. We need space to pause, grow, laugh and become. It’s the time away that gives us better perspective and focus.


Conversation: What steps do I need to take so I can do somethings for me without family – by myself?

Who do I need to talk to? What things make me smile andĀ energizeĀ me to think of doing?

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Intentionally creating your family haven today


  1. You are so right! Last week I finally got round to spending my gift token at the day spa that I received for mothers day. The world didn’t stop spinning because I wasn’t at home and it so recharged my batteries.

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