Simple is better


Enjoy the simple life


Simple is better. Somehow life gets really complicated really quite quickly.

I’m in the midst of a move. It’s a local move. All of a sudden boxes, packing tape, cleaning and limited Internet have become my whole life.

When you see all your goods boxed up you start to see things simply again. As a military family we’ve had our share of moving. Before we move usually we have a set of items we separate to have for maybe 8-12 weeks before our full shipment comes in. These are the essentials.

Choose carefully. You have to consider so many things. For these few weeks you have to survive and thrive on 20% maybe of your regular household goods. It’s actually something we’ve grown to appreciate. When you are reunited with your things you appreciate them more. Yet while we are down to a small amount life is so much simpler. Some how we get caught up in stuff. During the move we’re having a pause and chance to reset our simple.

The last few days my answer to most things have ended with, ‘ it’s probably in one of these boxes. I don’t know what to tell you.’ The boys are coping pretty well. They’ve found toys, made do and been really inventive with what’s out, not boxed or now found. Our rooms are stripped to the core with boxes everywhere. Throughout the boxes there’s simple everywhere. I’m trying to keep this picture in mind.

Simple is better.

Today we’re on day 7 of growing family conversations and the focus is on Simple.

These first eight days the focus of growing family conversations have been on having conversations with ourselves first. As the main carer for the family, perhaps the big decision maker we don’t always think of ourselves and how we can lift ourselves. Next we’ll be talking about conversations to have with our partner. After that we talk about conversations to have with our kids then our family. By the end of these 31 days we’ll have had the chance to have 31 prompts to conversations that will grow your family conversation.


Conversation: What 7 simple things could you do every day that would have an impact on you and the people around you?


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