Sharing childhood memories

sharing childhood memories

Go back to a golden moment in your childhood. Something that you remember or is remembered about you.

My parents have a picture of me on my bike outside a place I called ‘Bumpy’.  Whenever I see that picture I remember this place. I must have been 5 or so in the picture maybe a little older?

There are many pictures like this where my parents can tell me about what was going on. What it was like. Now in an age of Instagram and our smartphones we’re taking even more pictures. Great memories.

I’d like to think we’re connecting our children to stories their photos. I’d like to think we’re connecting with our stories and sharing stories about pictures, videos and special items we have at home. All too often we think our children will groan at our stories and maybe they will in time. It’s the way of family to know out past and our present. Let’s not leave it to family occasions for the embarrassing and funny stories or the touching  stories to come out.  Family stories aren’t just for solemn occasions but to enjoy over dinner, on car rides, during moments.

Children love to hear when we were children what we did and how things were. Things were always so different.

Sharing childhood memories

Just the other day I found a 1/2p and it lead to a whole conversation about how 20p bought us 40 sweets. 40 sweets!  At least for the sweets my boys wanted to be back in my childhood for that! Now when we pass the candy section the boys love to talk about half penny chews and how lucky we were back then. ( Cheek! back then) It was pretty special to be able to get lots of sweets.

Conversation:  Find pictures of the children when they are younger and share what they were doing? Why they were doing it? Something about their clothes? Was it a favourite outfit? Share childhood memories via a photo, video or object. Make it a talking point. Seek out opportunities to share memories that are funny, silly, embarrassing and a little naughty with your children.

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Come back and share your experiences,and stories . How did you get on?

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