Sensory Play Activities

Do you have a child that loves to poke, squash, squeeze, splat or push things?

Then you probably know and have experienced the delight of sensory play activities.

But what else can you do to keep this open ended activity?

How can you encourage creative and imaginary play, calm my child, use everyday materials,fire them up, introduce new concepts and combine fun and learning? Through the magic or bubble wrap and popping those bubbles or the texture of shaving cream as we create sculputres.

Sensory play is where children have fun, use their imagination and experiment.

Leading educational author and teacher, Carol Kranowitz states it best, “Times change, but children don’t. Regardless of their abilities or developmental age, kids still need the good old experiences that children have always relished. Three-dimensional, hands-on, hard-work play builds better brains and bodies.”

Well she is right.

In this ongoing sensory play series you’ll discover ways to encourage your children experiences and delight in your home.

Introduction to Sensory play

Sensory Play Part 1 Introduction: What is Sensory Play? 

Sensory Play 2 Sight 

Sensory Play 3 Smell 

Sensory Play 4 Sound 

Sensory play 5 Taste

Sensory Play 6 Touch


Sensory play activities

Autumnal Sensory play activites

Sensory Play with Rice

Infant play activities- treasure basket 

Nature ideas to do this Autumn 

Toddler play activities with conkers 

Shaving cream fun 

Tell Me Thursday: Making Gloop


Alphabet Activities book: Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities


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