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Why creating a simple scheduled separate special times each week is so worth it

Once a week do you get the chance to just stop.

Not the end of the day flop when the children are in bed and you’ve got time to catch breath.

I’m talking about during the week with the children. A chance when you all stop and spend time together?

When I look back on my childhood I have very clear memories of having a day when we would do the same routine in the morning and the afternoons we would spend together as a family.

We might head off into nature or visit family or friends.

But many of the days we would spend at home together but separate.

My parents were busy doing activities. My mum was reading and my dad writing. My brother and I found things to do. Many of my fondest memories of childhood feature this special day that happened every week.

No two weeks were the same in what we did yet the same thing happened. Scheduled, separate and special times and above all else it was simple.

Every week we would have a special time together and it was very different and separate from the rest of the week. That different and separate time gave us time to breath- catch up and connect.

It was the pause my parents needed.

It was what we needed.

We noticed and reflected.

Asked and explored.

Got in deep, drifted and daydreamed.

My parents were very busy during the week running a small business and raising their family. My mum worked outside the home, in the business and at home. She did that triple duty so many parents do.   My dad was busy planning, working, traveling and being a present parent. All those times away from either parent didn’t matter half as much as when we had our scheduled separate and special times together. Now we were together.


Do you have a block of time that you schedule weekly that’s separate and special to everything that you do usually? It’s a time when you nurture and connect with your family working together on an activity, in each other’s company or in the same home but on different projects. It’s a protected time when that fort takes over the room and doesn’t have to come down or when the LEGO stays out… Dream a little… If you have scheduled separate  and special times with your family what would you do?

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post this week.
    This is my favourite linky, I always learn so much and find so much inspiration from all the posts!

  2. Stopping by from the Sunday Parenting Party and this is so true! We have twins, so we also struggle with allowing them to have individual special time. Last weekend we each had ‘dates’ with the kids and got some time alone. It’s amazing how much more of their personality we can enjoy when they aren’t competing with each other.
    Sara recently posted..How to Grow Grapefruit Trees from SeedsMy Profile

    • Go You!

      Once you have that feel of specialness it’s easier to do it again. Plus the kids bug you for it so stuff just can’t get in your way.

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