Redistribution of contributions

What would happen if you redistributed the contributions in your home?

Today is short and sweet.

This week have a conversation about who does what in the house.

You’ve been meaning to have a conversation for ages about this.

You’re doing more work. Your spouse is doing more work.

It’s time to name the contributions that need to be done. Then have a new redistribution of contributions.

This isn’t a bashing husbands or wives about who does more or less. None of that takes into account how we all have to bend, be flexible or sometimes get left holding the hot potato. We not talking about stereotypes. We’re taking a good honest look at our family.

Time and circumstances do change. If you are home for a while on maternity or paternity leave many of the contributions began to fall into your lap. Maybe one of you have or had a job that took you away from home or keeping irregular hours. That job and season has changed but the contributions didn’t change.

Are you stuck doing gender specific roles that don’t fit your lifestyles? or contributions you’ve been doing since before the kids. It made sense to do them like that then, but not now.

Since each of our families are unique it’s essential we have the conversation regularly. But we haven’t and don’t…..until today.

Conversation: Which contributions ( chores) don’t make sense that you or spouse are doing now? If you could start again what distribution of contributions work for you right now in this season.

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