Reconnecting to your rock

reconnecting to your rock

It’s easy to see how when you neglect your physical side some of the things that happen are clear in the mirror.

Some not so obvious, but even they become.

These past few days in 31 days of growing family conversations the focus has been on us. We’re having conversations with ourselves first as we start our family conversation. These conversations are about perspective change, simplifying, connecting and growing.

Easily squeezed is our spiritual and faith time. It’s the little less we do each time until it’s almost not there anymore.

You’re tired so your weekend church visit goes by the wayside. Hey, none of us are perfect.  This isn’t a look how terrible you or we are. Instead I want to keep this upbeat.

I’m talking to you if you have faith or belief and you know or would like to do differently. Trying to turn that frown upside down and find ways to make a difference. Reconnecting to your rock.

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Here are 4 starting points. Not that you need to take them in this order or these are the only ones. I hope they give you a springboard to finding something for you.

4 ways to connect with your faith- again.

  • Spend time before everyone is awake while you’re bright in prayer and meditation
  • Read or listen to uplifting authors, music, sermons or books
  • Institute a Sabbath day of rest
  • Meet for studies, conversations and company.

Conversation: How will you reconnect with your faith again?

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