Quick and easy pretend play and toddler activity

“Don’t touch that!”
“It’s hot!”
“Mine!”We’re all familiar with these phrases as they relate to toddler behavior. Toddlers are naturally curious to touch and examine objects.

They don’t have any of the skills yet to hold back and decide whether it’s the right or safe thing to do. They just reach out and act.

There will be plenty of times when our little ones will hear variations of “Don’t touch!” But we can also encourage their curiosity and imagination by giving them opportunities to experience new things with our support.

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Pretend play is always a big hit with children. Look no further than your kitchen for inspiration!¬† Most everyone has a wooden spoon, but if not? Improvise! Wooden Spoon Puppets……. to read more about my monthly kids craft post, visit Blissfully Domestic

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