Our Media diet- Part 2

Here we are back in front of our screens.

I started writing about our family media diet and mentioned the 6 elements to our family media diet.

Do you have a media diet of things you will do or won’t in your family?

How do you moderate your media at home?

Most of us don’t have much of a plan. Ours isn’t written down- well apart from here.:)

Starting with the right intentions

Before launching into our schedules there is time to make decisions about what we’re going to do for our family and the media we consume. I really don’t suggest cold turkey. It’s hard on everyone but you will need to fill that time and change pace.

Today I’ll continue with the four last elements that make up our media diet.

Reflecting around media

  • We try to encourage thinking around media use. When they come with, “Can we watch/ play {enter your media screen here}?”  We try to ask them some questions about what they’ve done today. Getting them to think about what they’ve been doing. We’re trying to get them to eventually moderate their media and hope that this way teaches them to reflect on what they do. It’s easy for us to say no for the wrong reasons- it helps us catch up on what’s been happening and to happen especially as they get older and school projects appear.
  1. How much time have you been outside? We try and remind them of something they were doing there to see if this tips the scales to them going outside instead of being in.
  2. How much reading have you done today? They may combine this with outside or remember the chapter they wanted to complete or read to their brother or me.
  3. Have you done any of your chores today? Keeps them clued into being part of the family.
  4. How much screen time have you had today? This is particularly useful because not all screen time is bad and it’s handy to get an overview of what you’ve been doing. Saying it out loud is a useful acknowledgment. When you realised that you spent 55 minutes typing a powerpoint story you have a different conversation.



  • Work, play and fun must work with each other. This type of self control isn’t easy but this is the perfect opportunity to do it. There will be days like the Olympics or perhaps a playdate when we’ll watch or play with a screen for longer than usual.
  • Counterbalance that over use and mention the intention of that. Go for no screen days or reduced screen days explaining briefly why.  Over time they will know that by watching a lot today there will be a consequence and weigh up whether this is a good thing to do now. It’s all about giving them tools to be able to make decisions themselves.


  • If we have to argue and say many times to turn it off or your attitude stinks after media use we try and find out how we can change that lose/lose for us both. We really struggle with this at the moment. It is frustrating finishing up when you want to continue. Transitioning from one thing to another is a difficult, I understand. Home is a good place to practise.

Media use

  • We aren’t a TV/Game free house. If we see something we will talk during the movie.
  • We watch TV series from overseas with subtitles. Our favourite ones for boys have been Ultraman and Super Robot Red Baron . Nothing will get you smiling like singing the theme tunes, badly and making it part of our family time for a season.

This is a constantly changing media use with three boys from 4 to 9 years old.

If you want to use screens less and are looking for some activities to fill this new time or see what other families do. See below:-

What are we missing? What’s in your media diet?


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Intentionally creating your family haven today


  1. I wanted to pop back after reading part one. We have a written down agreement that we all follow, and it made such a difference after we all started following the rules.

    We need to make some new “rules” though as with School starting in a few weeks there is going to be more changes for us.

    • Have you shared your agreement online? would love to see what types of things you included. School does change things after the days of summer!

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