Why I formed the Society of Nimble Parents

Facebook Group for ParentsThe purpose of this group is to gather school aged moms together in a big group hug because it’s a whole new chapter in parenting. School aged moms have different challenges to the under 5s and some of the challenges of the teen years.

We need to laugh, learn, grow and try many different things amongst friends going through the same.

We want to share wins and struggles.

We know there’s likely a solution to try

We want simple and slower parenting.

We are nimble.

Who is this group for?

Mothers with school aged children who need a place to solve problems, laugh, grow, be heard, supported and come up with solutions in a private community atmosphere.

Do I need to pay?

Nopes! It’s free.

Why should I join?

We are as strong as our connections. I know that many parents are disconnected from family and friends. We have quiet battles in our homes and need a place to talk through and get some perspective along with some resources.

This stage of parenting brings new challenges and amazing joys and it’s hard to find a group that exclusively has a focus on this middle childhood time.

As many parents of a teenager will say there’s a whole bunch of things that they didn’t think of doing or trying but within this group  we can find friends, enjoy some challenges, try out some ideas and do some of these things. You don’t have to get through parenting you get to be nimble.

Can I invite other mothers to the group?

Yep! Send them here so they know what’s what.

Are there any rules?

We have a few to help us all feel safe and know our boundaries.

  1. We’re not about self promotion
  2. Participate. 

Check out our wall to read more about them.

How do I find this Facebook Group?

Follow the link  YOU ARE NIMBLE