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I’m Melitsa and welcome to the Meet Melitsa page on my website- It’s a chance to learn a little bit about me and my site.

Who knew that raising playful tots would be so different? Welcome to Play Activities. I write about our intentional adventures in Early Childhood Play.

I’m a military wife and mother of three smiley active boys. We’ve lived in 11 homes in 12 years , and counting. So you can see it has been important to keep play fun, simple and intentional in a busy ever moving changing world. I know I’m not alone many families move frequently.


What you will find

My blog features intentional play activities for my active boys. I discovered early on that boys are just different and being a girl I had no idea how different raising a boy would be. Now with three we’ve had fun investigating activities and ideas that work well for them.

It’s important to keep upto date with early childhood news to make good decisions about play in our family. We believe knowledge is power and play knowledge is special and not always easily accessible or understandable, especially when we’re sleep or time deprived. What with surveys, studies and soundbites all the time, I talk about topical issues like the Baby Einstein refund and alternative play activities here. A chance to spread some positivity,ideas and inspiration in our circles.

I interview educational leaders, play bloggers and parents on the Raising Playful Tots podcast, a weekly radio show sharing practical play knowledge to parents who want to make the most of their playtime with their little ones. Popular shows include: How to share :: Montessori :: Sensory Play :: Work life balance :: Everyday sensory alphabet activities

Activities are practical and varied for babies, toddlers, preschoolers. We’re not your typical crafting family. We do choose lots of active activities, which are often hard to document, as they are done at speed in our house.

We prefer process activities that allow open ended results and discovery. We save the craft projects for specific times. Now we learnt that the hard way through lots of frustration from us both. The frustration at getting it just right wasn’t what we wanted in an activity to encourage play. There’s been plenty of time for that type of play as they’ve gotten older.

I’m here to share with you our journey, including the U Turns, detours, celebrations and triumphs through staying home and raising a playful tot.

Take a look around, you’ll notice our activities don’t require batteries, plugs or electricity. This is deliberate. We live in a very switched on world and in the early years our family has taken the stance to moderate and reduce electronic toy play.

There’s a weekly newsletter full of everyday play activities sent to subscribers. These activities are open ended activities exclusively for the newsletter along with recommendations and me sharing other fun play activities I love.
All you have to do is type in your name and email and we’ll take it from there.
Thanks again for popping by – and I hope one day we might even meet in person!

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