Homemade rattles

I found a homemade rattle I had made for my oldest son whilst we were packing up to move.The pasta, rice and pulses looked a bit sorry for themselves now after a few years but it didn’t stop my youngest from shaking and rolling the baby bottle around.

The rattle was an Avent baby bottle I had bought filled with twisted pasta, rice, split peas and a feather. Things I had found around the house at the time.

He would peer inside and drop it like he was trying out experiments.

He’s always liked packets of things and since my larder shelf was at his level he would empty, shake and squeeze everything. It caused a lot of chaos but he loved all the textures and sounds.
Although I must admit the clean up drove me potty sometimes, it was lovely to see him so absorbed.

Victoria Purdie had some interesting ideas with rice rattles Homemade toys for babies .

Both my boys love rattling things. So time for a new one perhaps.

What things do you put in your homemade kid’s rattles?

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