Good Enough where you are

you are good enough

{Good enough where I am}

When we take our eyes of other people we get to take a look at who we are. Maybe this is why we look at other people so much than ourselves.

You’re not that Facebook opposite you feel when you read status updates. You’re not that Pinterest opposite when you see perfect. You know we always put our best foot forward. You are more than the social media.

You are good enough where you are right now. Maybe this is a place you want to dwell or a stepping stone to a different place.

Before you leap or settle down- shore up your footing.


During the pause take in you and who you are.

Check out your surroundings.

Notice what and who is there. 

Conversation: How am I good enough where I am?

What’s going well? doing well?

Join in

Come back and share your experiences,and stories as you explore how you are good enough.

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