Finding time to do things for mummy that isn’t child related [Host]

Now's the time to get some mummy time

When was the last time you did something that was just for you?


No one else.

Chances are you have meant for things to happen but life happened and instead we missed out on time for ourselves. Part of raising a playful tot is establishing good boundaries. It’s not something that comes easily when there are so many situations that pull on our time and attention.

Situation 1

You find you’re the carer for the children all the time, if not 24/7.

It’s a desire.

You’re happy for it.

You embrace it.

You need time for you too.


Situation 2

You find you’re the carer for the children, nearly all of the time. It’s happened over time due to work patterns, maybe a choice to start with.

Now you feel stuck.

You need time too.


It’s really easy to have suddenly woken up in a place where everything you do is related to the children and less time on the care and feed of ourselves. I recognised this about me  and want change. This is what I’m doing….and incomplete list but it’s a start.

  • Notice what you do
  • Plan future events
  • reconnect with old habits
  • Try new habits
  • Be around new people

Many of these are really difficult to do but I know that my heart and whole person will be grateful.

How about you? What are you working on that’s just for you ?

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