Colour matching and colour sorting activity

The LO loves letters, counting and cars. He’ll line cars up all day; count everywhere and draw letters into everything. Colours are a different matter.

Not sure if he truly knows his colours as he’s a big prankster. He loves to call an apple and orange. Just because he knows someone will smile and laugh at him. I love his sense of humor. It’s a little troublesome though to know if he actually knows his colours. I don’t think he really does; well maybe one or two colours but not the basics.

Does it bother us?

Not really. We know that our children develop at different stages. It would help him though to know his colours and so here we are trying to have some fun with it to expose him to more colour activities.

Using some coloured lollipop sticks and mini clothes pegs, we coloured, we quickly assembled a game.

I left the sticks and the mini clothes pegs altogether on the table. As he came in from riding his bike he was curious, calm and alert. Immediately he started matching the yellow lollipop stick and the clothes pegs.  Yes a result!. Then he started lining them all up ( sound familiar) and finally started making letters.

After a bit of play like this we played together.I’d deliberately chosen lots of one colour ( Yellow) , one of one colour (Red) and a few of another (Blue) to make the colour difference really obvious and hopefully cut down on the guessing.

Why the mini clothes pegs?

I can hear you all asking. No it wasn’t to stump and frustrate those little fingers. I wanted to do this activity together and we had to work together to create the plane. I could ask for his and he would give.

Here’s the most important part, as he gave me the lollipop stick or the clothes peg I held it a few seconds more and got him to look at me and repeat the colour name.

We have all versions of yellow from wellow, ellow, lellow and more and apart from the usual development path it’s part of his speech work is to slow down, focus on the speaker and repeat.

This activity gave that opportunity. For other children and him later on, we’ll use the normal sized pegs and this would be more of an independent colour matching activity.

Once we assembled our planes…….Brrrmmmmmm. Lined them up. We were off flying high!

We’re looking for more fun colour sorting or matching activities. Share one of your favourites in the comments.


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  1. Pinkoddy says:

    Sounds a good idea. I have seen the planes on pinterest never thought how they could help with speech development

  2. Simple and yet wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!Maggy & Alissa

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