Developing habits, Goal setting, Unity and cooperation Character Conversation Audio

Character Conversation Cards are available in two formats: task cards (pdf) and an audio file.

The audio file is a downloadable .mp3 file of the 25 conversation task cards read with a special effect to signal when to stop the audio to answer questions.

This set is all about developing habits,goal setting, unity and cooperation and is the Audio version.


Audio version of Developing habits, goal setting, unity and cooperation character conversation task cards

Note: Audio bundles have the music note and Audio and do not contain the the pdf version.  

Developing habits, goal setting, unity and cooperation Character Conversation Audio

Choose the audio version if

  1.  you want to have character conversations on the go with your 6- 13 year old children.
  2.  you want to be one step removed and someone else is reading the situation.
  3. you want to use this at a listening station, on a family journey or to make a change.

Get these Character Conversation Cards for $5

Audio version of Developing habits, goal setting, unity and cooperation character conversation task cards


Each pack is different.

Within this audio:

  • 10 situations on developing habits
  • 10 situations on goal setting
  • 5 situations on unity and cooperation

Each card had a short real life situation and different questions afterwards to encourage longer answers and especially, “What would you do?”

Listen to the situation and activate voice commands to play, pause and stop to give time for discussion for a hands free session. There’s an audible pause and time to pause the recording to respond if you prefer to use the buttons.

Listen on your phone and download to your tablet for easy on the go use.

Download the audio of the 25 character conversation situations  on Developing habits, goal setting, unity and cooperation  as one bundled audio.

Buy this bundle using paypal $5

To help foster communication there’s no answer key as answers will depend upon your values.

*Older children may enjoy debating ideas and there’s  opportunity to rest on many sides of an issue and work through the thinking to the end. E.g. If I do it this way, this will happen, then this etc.Developing habits, goal setting, unity and cooperation Audio Character Conversation Cards

Want to know what the audio sounds like?

Listen here

Can I have the pdf version of this Character Conversations Set?

Developing habits, goal setting, unity and cooperation character conversation task cards pdf $3

What other cards and audio character conversations are there?

See the full view here

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5 things your kids can do with less of

5 things your kids can do with less of.jpg

  1. More things because they begged you for it at the counter or each shop you went into.
  2. Your face glowing with a screen reflecting the white light while you tap on your screen
  3. A full calendar of events, activities, places and in and outs of the car to get there for your family.
  4. Huge piles of clothes– how many pants and tops do they really need?
  5. Instant. Instant everything because we have the disposable income ( or not) to get it.

5 things my kids can do with less of would have been a good title too. Don’t get me wrong- we’re not a perfect family at all. While I can pat myself on the back to some of the things on the list above there are still some that ring loud and clear for us.

It’s no good me just tackling this list myself. It’s something that we as a family unit need to embrace.

Buy this for me

We went out and my youngest asked all the time if we could buy him something. So much so that his older brothers were getting annoyed…. and that takes a lot.

We’d gone to price up some toys and books.

  • We’d had the conversation about we’re going to look not buy.
  • We all gone deaf when he’d asked.
  • We had speed past potential hotspots.
  • We listened to him.
  • We’d stopped and looked.
  • We’d reminded.
  • We’d been firm.
  • We’d allowed for his age……We’d tried.

Another time once I was brave enough to take the boys shopping again the youngest started his barrage. His dad takes them shopping and window shopping regularly and reports exactly the same song is sung. I was determined that we wouldn’t have the same situation….there must be another way. We had much more time this time- because maybe it was time. I like to breeze in, check and breeze out. Maybe the LO had a different pace to me?

I wondered if he really really wanted to have it or he was really wanting to share his love of it. Bit like how we can be thirsty but we eat something. So I hit on a fun idea. When you want to say-Can you buy this for me?  just for fun I want you to say…… I really like this…..

I’ve tried it once and want to try it a few more times before sharing how it went for us.

It’s not always easy to find an answer to things that you know you’d love to be different in your family. We’re on our way. Trailing a solution and developing some family habits.

What can your kids do with less of…….?


Honoring play and exploration by scheduling less

Honoring play and exploration by scheduling less

Last time we dipped into how to schedule a less scheduled weekend. With some good beginning steps behind you let’s move onto getting the balance right of activities

Here are 3 types of activities to try. These are in a different format to usual as it helps to see what you’re doing in the activity.

Found activity–  Children are naturally curious. They can’t resist peaking into boxes. Found activities are activities you deliberately set up in a visible place. Your child will not miss it and naturally want to discover more about it. These are open ended activities that allow creativity and often springboard into other activities. These are fun to wake up to, arrive home to or just appear from thin air.


Deeper longer – These are the activities you’re constantly saying….’ okay. It’s time to pack that up now.’ If they could, our children would do this all day. Each family will have different things in this section and top of the list will be electronic media for most people. If we exclude that red herring for a moment and focus on the non media activities for this weekend.

It’s a chance to really develop the muscle of extending play. Just like any workout it’s hard to build up the endurance. I saw a bit more whining and frustration when things didn’t stick or stay when we did went deeper and longer. There was also a lot more emotion towards everyone.

The hardest thing was that I was so used to activities that lasted a small time. 5 minutes to 15 minutes. I’d be training a lot of sprinters. No wonder they were falling by the wayside during this longer afternoon activity. So expect some resistance and gentle growth for you both. Extend the play by small amounts as you build up.  I have a short guide if you want some ideas.

Board game– Like it or loathe it kids love board games. There are so many good ones out there and if you’re going to be the one playing them. Get them! Set time limits on how many rounds and have different rules for the siblings. How we speak to each other and respond is learnt at times like these in our home or witnessing it elsewhere.

Posts like this one you’ll find on my Pinterest board : Parenting with Purpose.

For more ideas like this one following simple parenting and simple play join the Raising Playful Tots Note

Raising Playful Tots Note

Finding time to do things for mummy that isn’t child related [Host]

Now's the time to get some mummy time

When was the last time you did something that was just for you?


No one else.

Chances are you have meant for things to happen but life happened and instead we missed out on time for ourselves. Part of raising a playful tot is establishing good boundaries. It’s not something that comes easily when there are so many situations that pull on our time and attention.

Situation 1

You find you’re the carer for the children all the time, if not 24/7.

It’s a desire.

You’re happy for it.

You embrace it.

You need time for you too.


Situation 2

You find you’re the carer for the children, nearly all of the time. It’s happened over time due to work patterns, maybe a choice to start with.

Now you feel stuck.

You need time too.


It’s really easy to have suddenly woken up in a place where everything you do is related to the children and less time on the care and feed of ourselves. I recognised this about me  and want change. This is what I’m doing….and incomplete list but it’s a start.

  • Notice what you do
  • Plan future events
  • reconnect with old habits
  • Try new habits
  • Be around new people

Many of these are really difficult to do but I know that my heart and whole person will be grateful.

How about you? What are you working on that’s just for you ?

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Why busy is overrated

There are lots of play activities we can do this year.
There are lots of play activities we will do this year.
But what play activities have you just got to do?

Let’s talk about the amount of play you’re doing right now. Forget the guilt that we think we should be doing more or spending ‘quality time’. Instead focus on today or much time was spent in play?

At this time of year there’s a lot of focus on goal setting and what we will do. But not a lot of focus on what we will be as parents. Who we will be or what we are trying to do somehow gets lost in the busy life we lead. It doesn’t have to be that way. [Read more…]

After school activities- Best of 2012




What is your best post of 2012 and why?

I had two posts that I really loved and held fond memories. Based on how many of you agree it would be-


Evening Activities That Keep Kids Busy Playing


[Read more…]

Easy Advent Activities

easy advent activities

We love our advent calendar.
Each year it has pride of place and the children eagerly wait to open a draw. With three children we have three different Advent calenders. To further complicate it the children rotate, their idea, of course, so no one advent calendar belongs to them.

[Read more…]

31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Three} Reading Car Maze

Welcome to Day Three of 31 days of Sensory Play.

Using everyday items around the home to make this active reading and word maze.

I’m sure you have a bunch of broken and all different sized crayons and pencil crayons. Grab the back of a LEGO board. A cookie sheet will work or large cereal box. I made copies of pictures but you can use stickers and sticker books to find the same image. For ease of use I used double sided tape. [Read more…]

Welcome to the Sunday Parenting Party

There are some things that are just universal.

  • Meeting other children and having playdates.
  • Reading in your home.

This week I’m sharing two posts from the previous week that touched our family. If you’re mentioned below feel free to grab your featured button from the sidebar.

You’d think it was easy to meet other moms and arrange playdate but it’s one of those skills we learn to negotiate as we have our children. I for one was really excited to see

I’m sure I’m not the only one who found this whole process stressful and rewarding at times. If only I had had this guide to see me through. Seriously, you should bookmark this because no matter how many children you have, they’ll all be different and negotiating play dates changes so much with each additional child…..and where you live. Check out all the resources.

With a new minimal bookshelf in the boys room to encourage other activities, like getting changed, tidying up- anything! This change has brought a lot more productivity to our house and a lot less despair to the parents:)

They still bring books into their room by the armful. I don’t want this change to signal an end to their love of reading. It’s a fine line we walk. Enthusiastic readers and page turners and always being late because we can’t tear ourselves away. Trying to teach a little balance and training has been a challenge recently in our home.

The  Let them catch you in the act post was a timely reminder to be intentional about reading so they can see.  Easy grab and energy change in the room.

I still love reading and sitting and sharing my books was an easy do.

So now it’s over to you- share your parenting articles. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences this week. Enjoy all the linked posts including the other hosts.

Learning to win, lose and play with others when you are under 5

I’ve come to expect the 3 Ts when we play board games or turn taking games.

Yes we will have happiness, smiles, happy dances but we will also have tears, tantrums and teaching moments.

The first two options were never an incentive to start a board game especially if everything is running smoothly. However, it wasn’t until well into my second son that I realised that teachable moments happened all the way through.

I did like most and bought the games, lost some of the pieces and a fair bit of refereeing, coaching and consoling. It was hard work because I really came at it from the wrong angle.  Kids want to play together but we really need to teach them how which means the game will be longer, full of breaks, lots of repetition and stops.  When you realise this- game play takes on a whole new meaning, [Read more…]

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