Blissdom keynote: Kevin Carroll talks about play

Nothing like a bit of inspiration to get you going right?
Of all the sessions to talk about this is the one I want to share.

Blissdom‘s Keynote speaker did just that. Kevin Carroll from was talking my language. You see he was talking about the importance of play. Yep we were a bunch of adults so you probably wonder how can a keynote speaker ,speak to a roomful of Blissdom peeps and fire them up so? ( and make them shed tears). Kevin is a powerful storyteller and gave life lessons through play.

Take away for me

While all these 7 simple truths work so well in our adult lives. You may wonder how did I get so far from some of these things yet I see it in my little ones all the time?

  • It is never too late to power up that playful spirit.
  • Never too late to play with your kids.
  • Never too late to start a new playful habit.
  • I love these lessons for me but love them for your children as well.
  • Find your own red rubber ball.

As you read through the truths below imagine how these not only translate for you but how you can build them into your child’s lives so that play remains and endures.

7 simple truths learned on the Playground

Commit to it.
“Until one is committed there is always hesitancy..”
“Commitment. Don’t talk about it. Be about it.”
What is your “Want to…”?
What do you want to do? What is your intent and purpose?

Seek out encourages
Stay away from energy vampires …”We know they are discouragers”. “aka Monday moaners”.

“Who is that person that will challenge you but also lift you up?”

Work out your creative muscle
You need to be agile and fit ,work that muscle. What do you do to recharge your creative muscle? How do you replenish, feed yourself to be confident and creative?

Not a Box

Prepare to shine
“..Put in the time and hard work because you believe that hard work never goes unrewarded”.

“Believe in that “.

Speak up

“A closed mouth don’t get fed”.
Open up and let people know what you need; share your hopes and dreams. You never know who’ll be there with you.
Have courage.
Look out for the encouragers or who could help you?

Expect the unexpected
“Keep your eyes open. Forever curious eyes.”  have eyes of wonder and know possibilities come.

……………The Watch the video……..

“Expect and respect the unexpected”.

Maximise the day

“You are given a gift of 86400 seconds in one day… make a difference….manifest a dream into reality.”

Anything is possible…Your circumstances  don’t dictate someones destiny.
Each day is a gift.

To get you in touch with your playful side with your children some Blissdom friends to check into:

Allie @notimeforflashcards | Amber @becausebabiesgrowup |Janna @theadventuresofmotherhood | Kim@momtriedit |Kimberly @raisingolives |Marie@makesandtakes |Melitsa (Me)@raisingplayfultots |Miranda @Keeperofthecheerios

I hope you’ll check them out……and find your big red rubber ball!

How do you keep a playful spirit raising a family with the day-to-day stuff that makes up our lives?

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  1. It would be such an amazing experience to go to Blissdom! Kevin’s presentation sounded fantastic. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.
    .-= PlanningQueen´s last blog ..Serabeena Give Away Winner and Social Media Update =-.

    • He was a one of kind speaker. There’s another Blissdom this year in Autumn in Canada. Conferences are great. This was my first one and I hope to go to more. So much learning from so many talented people. Now for some action though. What are the women/blogging conferences in Australia? I think the UK has a big one this July.

  2. @barbarajones says:

    Fantastic recap of Kevin’s keynote! So glad you enjoyed him. I was so thrilled that everyone had the great experience I had the first time I saw him last year. :-). I was honored that he accepted our invitation.

  3. RT @playactivities: When inspiration leads to action. Blissdom Keynote @kckatalyst. My thoughts #Blissdom

  4. RT @playactivities: When inspiration leads to action. Blissdom Keynote @kckatalyst. My thoughts #Blissdom

  5. Hi Melitsa!

    I came to read your article about Kevin which is very nice and surprise I saw you mentioned me! Thank you. That was so kind.

    Did you go to the session on balance? I haven’t found mine yet. Well, I just don’t know how these women do it, but I’ve just got to savor the offline moments too.

    I like your set up here!
    .-= Adventure Mom Janna´s last blog ..Feed Me Books Friday: Stories About Love =-.

  6. Excellent! Thank you for that … I wasn’t able to get to Blissdom but sounds like it was wonderful!
    .-= Fiona´s last blog ..Worldless Wednesday ~ Bon Voyage for now…. =-.

  7. Can’t believe I missed this post. I think I’m still trying to catch up from Blissdom. Great re-cap of Kevin’s presentation. Also, thanks for the mention 🙂 You’re always so kind.
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Pictures From Our Dr Seuss Party =-.

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