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A recommendation

This magazine was given to my son as a gift subscription for his 2nd birthday. He loved it and so did I.

Wild animal baby magazine

The following comment is from the December/ January 2006 edition

  • had a story about the polar bear family with large color photographs and a few sentences that kids soon join in with.
  • A match the animal cracker to the real animal from 4 choices in a lovely rhyme
  • What do you say? Color photo of Zebras and the sound they make for your child to copy.
  • A snow poem and picture with 3 interactive ideas with the picture to try with your toddler.
  • A comparison page called “I can” with photographs of children and opposite an animal. I can piggy back- tree frog piggy back too.
  • Living color- a look at one color and animal to find its type and same color but not same type.e.g. yellow bird. Yellow snake. And Heron bird.
  • I spy- In the forest a poem and pictures for you to find 3 or 4 things in the picture.
  • Story about science. Melting snow
  • A skunk hides in 4 places throughout the magazine.

It’s recommended for under 3s.

Why I like it?

  • It’s small enough to carry in my bag to look at when you are waiting ( doctors surgery, car journeys)
  • Provides great snuggle time to read the book with my toddler.
  • Lovely photographs
  • Rhyme and repetition is simple catchy and not forced.
  • You can look at it again and again. This is not a magazine you throw in the trash.
  • Learn the names of lots of different animals.
  • You can just look at the photographs and talk about it.
  • Quite robust and holds together well despite being well thumbed by my toddler.
  • You can dip in and out of it.
  • The stories are short so holds attention
  • You can skip things that are too advanced for later

National Wildlife Federation is published 10 times per year (Every month except January and September) by the National Wildlife Federation, a non profit corporation. It is the winner in the Association of Educational publishers 2005 Distinguished Achievement awards program.

What magazines do you recommend full of play activities?

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