5 things we should do this summer

How are your summer plans shaping up?

It’s really easy to see lots of ideas for the children and soon your fun summer holiday has turned into a long list of to dos.


I have this struggle every year. There are all these things I want to do and all these things that would be great to do. Everything centres around the kids. But we need a break too. We need a chance to recharge and reflect on what our year has delivered. We need to plan or point ourselves into the right direction again.

I’ve talked about summer learning and bucket list ideas in a recent podcast. Today I want to talk about us.

5 things we should do this summer


I see you groaning already. I can’t tell you how bad my desk was looking.  There’s just no time. But after some tidying, not by me, it looks and feels so much better to work in this area. It’s those high trafficked areas I never get to like that pile of papers to sort including kid’s art.

Links: what to do with your child’s artwork :: Teachmama

Think outside the {toy} Box – Over 50 Organizational Tips for Kids’ Spaces :: Attempting Aloha

Storing the kids’ artwork in plain view :: Cool Mom Picks


Honestly, we all have too many things. Donate, throw away, recycle but slim down areas. We’ll be weeding through the puzzles and reducing the amount of toys out on show this summer. It’s not going to be easy.

Migrating to a Simpler Life by Trailerchix on YouTube

Want to Simplify? Start Here :: Small notebook

Simplicity at Home- Simplifying Children’s Things; Part 2 :: Natural Kids


Be inspired

It’s easy to have bold hopes but putting them into reality is harder. It’s why I love Pinterest so much. There’s a chance to find a another way to play with playdough, which we love; better ways to organize, which I need. Knowing that someone has been there before me, survivied and conquered helps me continue to strive onwards. Parenting is often a lonely, thankless task. When we’re stuck we’re stuck and it’s hard to know where to turn.

Outdoor fun

Goodness for the ears

Catch breath…..stop

For many of us this will mean a break from our usual schedules. No more clubs, week or two off blogging, less online time, more family time and projects. I love this time during the summer as it gives me a chance to climb off the treadmill of our life and really see if this is a direction we want. I’d really recommend having large amounts of time where there’s nothing planned and you can just do things on a whim.

Projects for those lazy days of summer


All those things you were planning to do all year. Find them. Try them. That book you were recommended or that parenting class you want to look into. That play method you wanted to hear more about or that college class you were thinking of. When was the last time you ran,  sewed or did something creative for just you? Reconnect with your passions.

Good ideas for the home

Take your family into a new direction

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So now it is over to you……what are you planning to do for you this summer?

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  1. Rebekah Patel says:

    Great tips for a simple, joyful, and purposeful summer.  I agree that summers should be for taking things easy. 

  2. I love your ideas. Hope you have a great summer and thoroughly enjoy your family times!

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