31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Two} Everyday Interactions

Walking with grandpa

It takes 8 minutes to get from our house to Nursery.

It never takes 8 minutes.

The LO finds everything a delight and a must see as I’m trying to bustle him along the path to get to Nursery on time.

There are plenty of ways I can deal with this situation from chivvy him along, leave earlier, roll with it, get annoyed and many more. The things is, I get to choose myself how our day will start.

I get to choose when we leave. I get to choose if we dawdle and inspect the berries and how they’ve changed from red to orange or is it orange to red. I get to choose how to answer the question, “Where have all the berries gone? Did the birds eat them all? They’re gready, mummy!” because we noticed the changes as we speed past each day.

Sun shower. Went for a walk with the kids. Found the sun streaming through the trees.
There are so many times like this throughout our days where we’re just trying to do everyday things in a timely and proficient way. Our children seem to derail us. I think actually in a good way. They help us see we need to include them. This is still play because every little interaction is play to them.

Yes, the toys aren’t all picked up as we would but some are.

Yes, the socks are in the draw but not in matching pairs. It’s a start.

Yes, the 8 minute journey is realistically 12+minutes, and if it’s windy or rainy add 5 for puddle jumping and twirling around along with chasing things that are blown about.

It’s the way it should be.  I hope you find pleasure and see the play in everyday interactions by making a few adjustments.

We have to change and adapt then the pleasure is all ours.

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31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Two} Everyday Interactions make a difference

How are you slowing down and rethinking activities with your children?

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