31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Twenty Three} Problem solving

Some days you just get blown away by the simplicity of a message. Today was that day.

Do you ever find yourself  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What about the children do you see that in them? How do you get them to move to a point where they can set simple goals and achieve them. Concentrate and persevere in an age appropriate manner.

I’m a totally a visual person so really appreciated Dr Becky Bailey  demonstrations and explanation on the importance of developing the executive state in the frontal lobe. Before you switch off thinking oh no brain science how will this impact my child let me encourage you with a few highlights.

0:00 Those exercises were hard.

3:00  Dr  Bailey warms up by talking about How we need to help our children set goals, achieve them, resolve conflicts, develop empathy and see things from a different perspective and access their own creative force.

Explains the three stats of problem solving and conflict resolution

08:05 Dr Bailey shares how we wire the brain for success

9:46  This is a typical situation we can all relate to

10:32 Here’s your actions What we need to do! ( You have to hear the beginning though for this to make complete sense. Otherwise you’re likely to want to skip without the foundation)

13:19 The problems of separation of the 3 states vs connection

14: 19  The journey to self-regulation

15:10-15:58  This was the best visual of  Who is the boss of me?
As we’ve seen in our 31 day series so far the focus has been heavily on how we come to the play table. What we bring with us? Our own experiences aren’t always adequate. Thinking and ideas have changed. Sharing and discussion of play ideals helps us to find our play levels.

We are also big believers in testing what works; not throwing out the baby with bath water because an idea comes from a previous generation. It is amazing how much playtime you both can enjoy as we expand our knowledge, experiment and change the scripts we say and the actions we do.

Watch the video!

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Problem Solving

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