31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Twenty seven} Books to read to discover play

We’re often locked in a way of play and playful thinking that’s based on our experience. More often than not that gives us some ideas but things change as our learning about play and young children increases. We also find we have children that behave differently and wish to tackle play in a different way than before.Wherever we are along this journey of play there are so many inspiring books to learn ideas and feel inspiration.

Today I’d like to share some of the favourites from my bookshelf.

Baby minds

This was probably one of the first books I saw that I loved the problem solving ideas for babies and young toddlers. it’s written by psychologists and child development experts. It wasn’t about do this and you’ll get amazing children but research based analysis and it really didn’t encourage the buying of stuff. It really fit with my newly developing ideas of how we wanted to raise our children. With ideas and tips for parents along with stories and evidence, this wasn’t a prescriptive approach. Plus it was easy to understand and use immediately.

Your child at play  

one-two years-Exploring, learning, making friends and pretending. I loved the reminders about how to integrate my work and my developing baby into the everyday routines. With down to earth ideas and lots of photographs I really had a strong feel from this book of how I could easily use everyday things around me in playful ways.

What’s going on in there?  

Much more a scientific book with explanations. I remember not a planning on reading this cover to cover but dipping in and out as needed. I enjoyed Chapter 14 Language and the developing brain  and Nature, nurture and sex differences in intellectual development. The depth of knowledge is good for those tat want to dip further than the surface.

For more books see  { Day Twenty Eight }

What books have been the foundation of your play learning?

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Books to Read to Discover Play

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