31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Twenty Eight} Books to read to discover play 2

Yesterday in {Day Twenty Seven} I shared my first books to read to discover play. Today I finish off this list with a brief review.

Out of sync child has fun 

This book and the other books by the author are well thumbed in our home. For what seemed like a long time we were looking at Sensory processing disorder and we were recommended this book. I enjoyed the clear explanations and the practical activities. My boys thrived on these activities when product and sit down work wasn’t working. The range of activities based around the senses really helped support our simple ideas. The games are totally fun whether they are sensory seeking or not.

How children learn

A core text from University that took on new meaning when I had my second son. Lots of nod the head moments but the revision is well worth it. Now with two children this was really important for me to see how they were both learning at different rates. Yes everything I knew but this sleep deprived mum needed to read it again and be reassured and try newer methods

How children learn

Once I hit the preschool age with my first I began to notice all the different types of school. Even having heard of many before I really was curious to the principles and underlying methods of learning.  With 28 different learning styles there was a handy place to look up brief ideas. This handy book helped me see how it’s often elements of different learning will help my child and not a dogged observance of one only. There are familiar people mentioned in play and this book talks about each of them.

Play = Learning: How Play Motivates and Enhances Children’s Cognitive and Social-Emotional Growth

All so often we just know that something is right. this book is a classic textbook with illustrations, research and analysis. Again not a  read from cover to cover but certainly a fascinating read. I was excited to interview Dr Golinkoff and Dr Hirsh Pasek on the play podcast where they were able to take their research findings packed in this and other books to us all.

Einstein Never Used Flashcards: How Our Children Really Learn–and Why They Need to Play More and Memorize Less

My all time favourite book buy for new parents. full of practical information. Another dip in and out book if you choose but easily a book to read from cover to cover. Lots of useful information that’s not just rehashes from things you already know. Really gives you pause for thought and challenge your play ideas. I’ve written about this book also here 

What book have you read that have really influenced your play habits?
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Books to Read Discover Play 2

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