31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Thirty One} Creating a playspace

Today we’ve come to the last day of 31 days to a more playful tot. Each day there’s been a chance of thought, growth, action and reflection. While we’re not aiming at making perfect playful children and recognise that we have to do, fail and learn ourselves; I hope we’ve all found some new things to try.

The playroom.
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I’ve always been in awe of beautiful play spaces. However as a military family it has never been practical to create these amazing areas. Also, I feel that most of the world has much smaller spaces to deal with with children. There isn’t always the luxury of a playroom just a play corner. Most people have rooms with multiple functions so need a way to conceal yet have access to both things.

This slideshow does just that…..

Here’s a chance to think about your small area; one chunk at a time. Transform the playspace you have.
Thanks for sharing in the journey of 31 days to a more playful tot.

Enjoy the slideshow.

  1. Eco friendly playroom
  2. Hand print calendar 
  3. A Quiet Place: DIY A-Frame Tent
  4. Display 
  5. Use garden hanging baskets
  6. Creating-waldorf-indoor-playspaces
  7. Play stands
  8. Displaying board games
  9. Photograph art then toss
  10. Create A Large Scale Art Center
  11. Storage and display
  12.  Chilling out areas
  13. A magnetic, chalkboard, dry erase,with sliding ladder WALL!
  14. Fun pebble cushions 

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Creating a Playspace

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Intentionally creating your family haven today


  1. Wow… what great ideas! It just goes to show that all it takes from parents is some quick thoughts to make your kid’s play spaces a little more enjoyable and inspiring.

    Thanks for the post!

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