31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Six} Choosing a good learning environment

Sometimes little things become bigger things and derail us from what we orginally set out to do.
Space to Play
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My youngest brings me a paintbrush and declares he wants to paint. Brilliant I know how much he loves it. Bonus I’m in the kitchen  right now so we’ll be together. This is looking great. I go to clear the table, wipe it down. Notice the floor under the table. Sweep. Empty the bin outside. Attend to pot. Notice the paintbrush abandonded on the floor. Oh yes! Go for some large butcher paper. … even I could sense my distraction.

The LO had long since run off to do something else. What I realised: When I multi task I’m (really) easily distracted.  Be more focussed ( with a goal and actionable statements) and organized. It’s part of the reason I love 52 bites at a time; a chance to work on a single manageable project completely. I’m learning and doing.

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I took myself off to a coffee shop to do some writing. I figured I wouldn’t be distracted by the call of home to clean, tidy, fix, prepare, answer the phone and generally multi-task. Unfortunately going over lunchtime and a particularly excited and growing group of teens also disctracted. You know how you end up shouting in a nightclub (Think way back now!) you get louder and louder as they turn the music up. This was my situation but I wanted quiet or low level hum.

Distraction is a problem. Whether it’s your home, your environment or your work we have children who need to function in a good learning environment.
important play
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If only I had all the paint supplies to hand ( I do now) . The LO would have been painting pretty quickly.

If only I had started earlier or stopped during the lunchtime session I may have been more productive.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing all the little things so you can finally have sometime with the kids and the little things become big things and then no time.

Learning how to master a learning environment takes time , observation, reading and a lot of trial and error. It’s also something that needs attention and revision based on your children’s stages, the season and what we decide as a family is our focus.

Instead of stabbing in the dark or retreating to a dark corner try something new this year. Focus on some new learning styles. Learn some, try some, reflect some on the impact on your childs learning.

My wish for you is that you don’t get stuck in a learning rut. Playtime will have purpose. It’s not about how much time you play but you’ll see your everyday interactions as play as you’ve planned it.

New grooves to try

( There are plenty more to try…..)

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How we run our homes; set up systems and allocate our time and energy makes a difference to how we raise our children.

What can you do right now, that came to mind as you read this post, about your learning environment at home? 

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Good Learning Environment

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