31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Seventeen} Critical thinking

You have to get out of the bath.


Because it’s time to get out. 

Water go down.

Yes the water goes down the plughole. Glug glug……glug.

Water go down. Why?

It’s time to get out the bath.


Where does the water go?

Water gone.

Is it in your room then?

No ( in the silly mummy voice) Water all gone ( in the do you understand English voice- if I speak louder will you hear me)

I don’t think the water is all gone. I think it’s in there. Look!

…….Water’s hiding

Shall we catch it? Where are you water?

No ( laughing) Time to get out.

It took a bit of encouraging( on my side)  but this was a real conversation we had this weekend.  It took all my will to stop and be present there. I really did need to hurry.

Critical thinking and the toddler is like PB & J- they love the why?  I’m trying to embrace the why and help him think a little more deeply. Not all the time but there are plenty  of opportunities. I just have to grasp them.

There’s so much to critical thinking see these resources below


Have you had moments like this when you’ve had to abandon your plans then enjoyed the moment?

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Critical Thinking

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