31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Nineteen} Choosing (appropriate) activities

Yesterday we were looking at how we need to get out of our playrut and be inspired. Now you have found a whole bunch of places and you’re overflowing with ideas and activities to try.

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From famine to feast.

How do you know which activities are best for your little one other than going by gut instinct? Is that preschool activity okay for my toddler to do? What about my baby who’s not moving that much how much do I do and should she be doing?

Play for the under 5s is all about engaging them and encouraging them to try things out. We do have to be careful that we are age appropriate in our expectations.

It’s hard to tell what’s best for our little ones.

Today I have a free printable to help guide you in choosing the right type of activities for your under 5 child.

So now you have that big list of sites, magazines, shows to listen to and books. Your plate is full to overflowing. Now you can wade through that list and find more appropriate activities using this filter.


Download checklist-playactivities


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Choosing Appropriate Activities



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