31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Fourteen} Gratitude, Actions and Words

gratitude: love to watch my baby dance

The atmosphere of our homes impact the way our children behave in it. That’s not to say that a perfect and calm home will produce children exactly the same. It’s hard to play when we are or they are cross. There are simple ways we derail our home atmosphere that we can change.
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Show gratitude in your words and actions

When they’ve done something right, there’s a behaviour you want to encourage, they’ve finally put away their toys without our response. Apart from the inward sigh of relief and warm joy let them feel your happiness.

Tell them ( Being careful of how we use praise and avoiding quick easy statements)

Hug them

Invent a signal that says, I Love You and you are great! ( This is perfect when they are a long way off and you can signal to them up on stage at the Christmas performance, leaving them at Nursery or daycare etc.)

Touch them


I saw you pour cereal for your brother. He was struggling and you asked to help him. That was really a good thing.

I saw how you helped your brother by holding his tower as he put on that last block! It was huge.

I saw how you were getting frustrated with your reading and put the book down; calmed down and went back to it. You were trying out a new way to react. You made a good choice.


Change your voice when they ask questions

Kids can ask a lot of questions. We can often tell the  motivation behind them; stalling, annoying, inquisitive, interested, learning.

We all do firmness and sternness but is it our default reaction. Try a little lightness, smile before we answer, take a deep breath, give the benefit of the doubt. The frustrations of our day or situations need not come through in our reaction and  interactions with our children.


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Gratitude Actions and Words

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