31 days to a more Playful Tot {Day Four} Exploring the world

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Children are naturally self centered.  December is traditionally a time when we try to encourage service projects with our children. It’s a time for them to think of others.

  • Things like cleaning out their toys
  • Donating to a shelter
  • Choosing a family from the Angel Tree.
  • Operation Christmas child.

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It’s also one of the busist times of the year. So with all good intentions we don’t always get to do these things. Me too. This year we didn’t get to participate in the Operation Christmas Child or deliver our Christmas cookies to our neighbours. Somethings just had to give. However the concept of doing things for other people shouldn’t be just for December. If we forgot, didn’t have a chance etc neither should we let the guilt haunt us. Just find another avenue that’ll work for you and your family.

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Children need to know that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

Expanding their horizons and letting them experiences different things outside their ( and often our) comfort zones gets the conversation flowing and the mind changing.

Young children need it.

6 Ways to Explore the World with your Children

Investigate cultures and festivals where you live?

Three of our favourite festivals in Italy were the mushroom, cheese and basket festival. They were three different festivals. Who knew there were so many different type of each though? If it wasn’t for the 100s of people walking past our house perhaps we wouldn’t have gone. I mean- a mushroom festival? Really? Living in Italy we embraced weekend festivals. You learnt so much. It was fun.

Country fairs :: local museums :: Visit the tourist office online or in person and find the kid friendly places to visit::  visit a farm:: learn some history- why is your town on the map- who were the pioneers and where did they live? When is the  popular festival in your area?

Expand your friendship groups to include diversity

We get comfortable really quickly in our friendship groups. Having moved around a fair bit, I have been on the outside a lot looking in on groups. We choose and become friends because we have a situation, feelings, beliefs in common. How diverse are your children’s friends?  Say let’s ask a tricky question- how diverse is your group of friends?

  • New friends ( ‘known’ for less than a year)
  • Friends
  • Old friends ( ‘known for more than 5 years)
Where are these friends?
  • local
  • online
  • playgroups
  • school
  • church/ book club/ class etc
How diverse in age, race, country and experience?

Travel locally not just when people come to visit

Get to know your local area by getting out in it. Explore your local area online as well through Google earth and  blogs.

Explore new locations through picture books, topics and blogs

http://www.thelittletravelers.typepad.com/  I loved their series 52 meals from 52 countries

There are many families travelling with young children around the world.

Join a postcard exchange, cultural exchange, linky that celebrates something

International postcard swap  ::Random postcard ::Postcard exchange :: cultural exchange

Learn about a new area through dressing up, food and activities

3 ways to bring diversity into your child’s play | Play-Activities.com

Linking play activities with food | Play-Activities.com

Cultural diversity in the home

Learning about our world | Play-Activities.com

9 must haves for your dressing up box | Play-Activities.com

66. Celebrating other cultures | Raising Playful Tots

How do you expand and explore the world?

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Exploring the World With Your Kids

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