31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Twenty Two} How to make a leaf suncatcher


Capturing fall sunshine and colours in a suncatcher

Welcome to Day Twenty Two of 31 days of Sensory Play.

Do you have broken crayons? We have so many different types thrown together in a box. Before you throw them out try this simple leaf  sun catcher activity.

This activity started because the LO is fasinated with the weather. It started at Nursery, I think, because it was one of the things they talked about on the carpet when doing the calendar. Each morning after greeting us. We can tell his mood because he’s always worried where the sun has gone. It’s only recently that we’ve lived in a place where it’s overcast a lot. So it’s still a big difference to what he’s used to.

Watching the leaves fall into the garden he was particularly sad. “The sun has gone. The leaves have gone.” I could hear him tell the MO who tried to cheer him up with news that snow will be coming soon. However the BG went in next and it was now, ” The sun has gone. The leaves have gone. Snow is coming.”

All doom and gloom.

Poor fella.

When I looked out it was pretty sad to see the rain of leaves from the huge tree shower our garden. It was a mess. But the lovely colours where amazing. We talked about all the different colours we could see in the leaves. I wanted to cheer him up and shift his mood. Seasons change and that’s fun I wanted to tell him. But I needed to show him instead.

Let’s make some sunny leaves!


He was happier to hear sun mentioned and that we would be doing an activity.

Here’s how we brought a little sun back into our fall and made one little boy smile.

We chose Fall colors we could see in our garden and dug deep in our pencil/crayon box.

Peel off the labels.

Find an old grater. We have one we use for crafting already

Grate the crayons into a container. I went for shiny to add some light into the room- introducing sound and patterns to distract and engage him.

Watch out for fingers. We did it together and he was fine doing it after I showed him.

Mix a few colours together. Tip onto wax paper. Place wax paper on an old towel and press with a cooling iron  really briefly and the crayon bits will melt.

Leave to dry.

Decorating a window and hopefully lifting his spirits……


Your turn

How are you capturing the season?

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