31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Three} Reading Car Maze

Welcome to Day Three of 31 days of Sensory Play.

Using everyday items around the home to make this active reading and word maze.

I’m sure you have a bunch of broken and all different sized crayons and pencil crayons. Grab the back of a LEGO board. A cookie sheet will work or large cereal box. I made copies of pictures but you can use stickers and sticker books to find the same image. For ease of use I used double sided tape.

The boys have racked up a lot of car driving hours already and now they get to negotiate a maze. Driving carefully, or not, they have to find the matching pair whether by themselves or with you calling out the names.

The pictures you can remove and change position or add new ones. With the words written underneath you can point to them or concentrate on the picture. Initial letter sound practice with  “ttt” for truck and “tea” for truck. As he progresses we might replace the matching pair with the letter only so he has to drive from truck to T.

I like the movement of this activity. He can be on the floor or table. There’s the sound as the car bumps over the board. If the board is kept still he needs to cross the midline, predict corners, angles and turns plus make small repairs along the way. It requires concentration and coordination. I bet he’ll be recreating the maze too.

Design it anyway you like because it can be changed! Keep the pictures in an envelope for an evening activity.

Your turn

  • Design a maze using everyday items featuring movement and sound.

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