31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Ten} Soapy Playdough

Welcome to Day Ten of 31 days of Sensory Play.

Anytime of year playdough is a lot of fun. The kitchen is our best place because we have carpet elsewhere. It makes for an easy clean up and the kids love to help with the cooking and let’s face it playdough is like cooking too.

We love our cooked homemade playdough recipe. Today we tried a no cook recipe with an unusual ingredient but I’m sure we as parents are really familiar with it. I’m forever saying, “Wash your hands!……and use soap!” We have those little liquid soap containers at each sink and it’s part of the MO’s contribution to the house to keep these topped up.

It’s more economical to buy a refill than to get a new small one although the different scents are enticing. We were looking for a smelly smoother dough today and while we washed our hands we tried a bit of experimenting.

Mix 2 cups of flour

1/2 cup of salt

1 Tbs liquid soap (  we used two squirts)

Pumpkin spice because hey you never know it might smell through

Food colouring ( optional)

Mix the dry ingredients together.

Smell the pumpkin spice and mix again because it’s fun to make it go everywhere.

Add the liquid soap and the food colouring, if using. We felt it looks a little blah so added red and yellow. We have no idea how it became pink.

Add water- just enough so it starts coming together. I added it without measuring it but a bit at a time works well.

Tip it out. Enjoy the smells as you blend ,push and squeeze it together to form a ball or giant dough ball.

The LO is making chips here and had a whole menu of food going while I cooked the real dinner.

The dough is smoother, softer and smells divine!

Your turn

  • What’s your go to playdough type at the moment?
  • Make a new smelly batch

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  1. Hey, what a cool idea! I’ve been moaning about the fact that my son and I can’t do messy play in our new due to carpets every where! But I reckon I can try play dough again. Maybe now that he’s slightly older he’ll be more open to it :0)

    • You should definitely try it again. The kitchen is our favourite place as it’s just less stress for all of us and he wants to show me what’s he’s done anyway. If he’s set up somewhere else he’ll just bring it to me and then you get the drip drop of playdough and flour. As you sit and do it with him he’ll get used to keeping it on the table or in the area. Shower curtains are another alternative. Then you just bundle it up after they’ve finished.


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