31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Seventeen} Connecting with our children and buttons


Welcome to Day Seventeen of 31 days of Sensory Play.

All of these sensory activities in this 31 day series are designed for us to work together intentionally with our children. Often we multi task while our children play nearby which is a good thing. They get to be creative and learn without us. Although time can slip by during a day and you realize that you’ve left invitations to play, left out playdough or shaving foam and you’ve not interacted as much as you were planning.

Intervention and input gives us an insight into the struggles and joys of our child’s current stage. We see where we can encourage and let go more.

With so many things to fit into a day, I find it best if I plan activities when I’m going to work with them on a project.Or make sure there are enough activities around that I can choose a time and really make sure I do stop and join in. I have a project board on Pinterest to encourage and nudge me to do this more often. Feel free to follow.

The boys have never been big on collecting things although they love sticks. After seeing a huge bag of buttons in the local shop I knew that we could have a fun time putting them together, talking about the shapes and chatting in general. All while we worked and played together. A cooperative activity. We all know how much they love to share :)

As a treat each week I get a Graze box and the inside is just perfect for this type of activity. A lid to hold the surprise and keep everything together. A piece of strong cardboard will work just as well.


Empty the package onto a towel to stop the buttons from escaping. Squirt some glue. Start sorting and sticking.

The simplicity of the activity was the richness in the words he used and uses he found for each button. The imagination and references to things in the house, stories and  friends.

We did it together. It’s images like this that you recall when your days are busy. It only takes a simple activity to potentially right the situation and make connections with your child.

Inspiration for more intentional together activities

What intentional together activity will you be part of today?

Your turn

  • What can you find a group of that starts a new collection. How will you organise  and display it?

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  1. I am so guilty of not planning and not playing! I can’t seem to find time to do all the things I need to do and all the things I want to do. I really need to spend more time playing with my kids, I know! Thanks for your encouragement. I’m a planner and I will plan play in the day (wherever it fits with my kids’ needs). I want to be able to stop, drop what I’m doing and go with the flow!

Love comments, thanks for yours.

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