31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Nine} Let’s discuss: Sensitive Children and Sensory Play

Welcome to Day Nine of 31 days of Sensory Play.

The BG really didn’t like to touch soft, squishy and mushy things. We’d noticed it but it was becoming a problem. He was seeing a speech therapist and he’d begun to enjoy a sensory bin but playdough and shaving cream- No!

We had a lot of input from different services to help support his needs which looking back was a blessing.

To have access to people who love to help children overcome. One big issue was trying to understand what he was feeling or sensing because it wasn’t the same as us. Tuning in and talking it through with professionals who steered us to books, websites and gave us hugs freely was the best help.

We did investigate Sensory Processing Disorder but we didn’t go down that route.

It was hard seeing other families with lots of sensory activities and here we were trying by trial and error which ones he could do and which were too much right now.

We learned lots of things about ourselves during this time in our family. One of the wisest lessons and we’re so glad it happened at the beginning was to not compare our child to what’s going on around you. We were living in a small community overseas things weren’t the same.

It seems a long time ago now and it wasn’t for a long season but when we were in it. It felt forever.

Today’s post is dedicated to the parents who have sensitive children. Maybe you know of a friend who has a child like this.

These are a collection of books that will help you navigate this time.

Picture books


Experiencing the world from a child’s perspective. What’s it like to feel different. Interesting story from a child with SPD


If you have a school or preschool  starter these might be a good books


For parents



Your turn

  • What stories and struggles do you have with Sensory play? How are you dealing with it? What did you do?
  • What sensory activities are not on your to do list? It would lovely if you could share

Come back and share your experiences, stories and activity.  Share your post here in the comments or share your photo on Facebook

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