31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Fourteen} Sweet Potato Chips

Welcome to Day Fourteen of 31 days of Sensory Play.

Sweet potato was always on the menu growing up.

We had them mashed into our white potatoes, cooked with yam, banana and dumplins as a side dish or my favourite in soup.   Sweet potato is a savoury item to me. Meeting my husband completely changed my view of sweet potatoes as it’s something we had as a sweet. Sweet potato pie although yummy, if that’s how you see a sweet potato it’s hard to have it with your main meal without thinking blah.

My family prefers the savoury taste and although I try and add in sweet potato, just like how I liked it. They don’t. The complaint was , “Too sweet!”

So instead of giving up completely I add in sweet potato in smaller proportions which seems to do the trick. The problem with adding a little bit of sweet potato is what to do with the other part?

Here’s what I’ve been doing recently as a lovely treat for …..ahem me but the boys found out my guilty secret. As usual, what mummy eats is so much nicer than their own. So now there’s the catch I want the sweet potato and they do too……. No catch! Win-Win! Finally!

Sweet potato chips are a simple treat and this recipe is a baked version to keep it healthier. Try it!

Sweet potato chips

1/2 Sweet potato— whatever size you have.

salt + pepper

Olive oil

small amount of orange peel


Slice the potato into thin slices. No need to peel but make sure it’s washed.

Spray a flat baking sheet with oil and lay out each slice.

Mix the orange peel, olive oil and rosemary together.

Kids love to squash and squeeze the rosemary and have a fragrant sniff. We prefer to add our salt and pepper over the chips in the tray. They feel all chef like scattering the salt and grinding the pepper over the top 🙂 Whatever works!

Brush this oil mix over the chipped potatoes and bake 350F/175C oven.

Bake one sheet at a time depending on the size of your sweet potato.

They are ready when they just start to curl at the edges and a little soft in the middle.  About 20 minutes or so.

It can happen pretty fast so watch out the first few times you do this. Check early and often. Allow them to cool in the tray and they will crisp up as the second tray goes in. Just like some like soft chewy cookies and others prefer crispy cookies, you’ll find your preference with sweet potato chips.

Smells lovely and tastes good too. Try the humble sweet potato this week.


This post is linked with ONEMums: Help @ONECampaign get nutrition on world leaders’ agenda by putting sweet potatoes on the menu #recipe4change and Home+School= afterschool



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