31 Days Of Sensory Play {Day Four} Cooking up concoctions

Welcome to Day Four of 31 days of Sensory Play.


So many seasonal sensory experiences at this time of year. Taking a walk and hearing all the crunching of the leaves and the dazzling colours. The ground is springy and soft with the rain.Lift up a leaf and there’s so much going on underneath there with bugs and crawling things.

We seem to collect sticks on our walks. We end up with piles of them at home. The boys use them from walking sticks to javelins, sword fights to giant pencils the imagination just flies.

Today we’re doing some experiments with these sticks. The plan is over time we will have a bunch we can use as display during dinnertime. We’ll have our very own table centerpiece and what a conversation starter that will be!

We wanted to get the colour and glitter to show.  He combined different concoctions to see how they turn out. Lots of conversation, questions and interesting discoveries.

Glue, paint, food colouring, golden syrup/light corn syrup, glitter, masking tape, paintbrush, empty pots to stir the concoctions and plastic spoon

After three sticks he was finished. Now they shine on the window waiting for more to arrive.

Your turn

  • Take a walk and find some sticks.
  • Experiment with different liquid concoctions found at home to create something different. We used liquid but you can use string, wool, stickers, leaves…..anything! Something that can become a dinner table piece- one day 🙂

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