27 Parenting Podcasts for the 21st Century parents

You can’t have failed to notice how many ways we can find information. Podcasts have become a really important way that you will learn, are entertained, inspired, take action and grow. Podcasts are produced by enthusiastic hosts passionate about their subjects. The parenting world has a range of podcasts which are a perfect way to listen to information and be part of a community connected without boundaries. They offer comment on current issues in a way that leaves you thinking long after the show is over and urge you to take some action.

Podcasts in general take a huge amount of time to produce and in the parenting world this coupled unpredictable nature of it with more kids coming along, new directions, maternity leave over and normal life there is a tendency to see your favourite show on hiatus or podfade.

The podcasts listed here are in no particular order. They were all current for 2012. Visit the website or better yet download a show and let the host know what you think. They will appreciate it.

Podcasts of 2012

Unplugged mom covers topics of relevance to home educating, natural/holistic and free thinking parents.  It is for anyone who wishes to unplug from the manufactured mainstream current and reconnect with reality! A refreshing show that’s not afraid to be provocative and sometimes controversial. Laurette provides a much-needed thought-provoking and informative show. Listen : The Cry to Progressives to Stay in School: How Indie Education Threatens the Status Quo

Over thinking mom  with Meredith a podcasting, blogging, overthinking, military marrying, sorta homemaking, grammatical phrase abusing new mom. Meredith interviews other moms and produces amazingly researched programs. I’m a big fan of her show. There’s no way I could glean that much information in the time she shares in her show. I’ve also been a guest on her show. Listen: Modern Day Wet Nursing: Weird or Wonderful? [Episode 22]

Manic Mommies Erin and Kristin share their everyday parenting ups and downs about their lives, careers, children and families. Lots of laughing, stories and things we can all relate to as modern parents learning on the go. These hosts have a great chemistry and differ in opinion which makes for great radio. You’ll soon find you identify with one and then the other then the other again.This is often a light-hearted conversational show between hosts but they do have guest interviews. Listen: Podcast: Putting Our Lives Online

Parenting Unplugged Radio Laura and Todd talk about current articles of interest to parents. As a husband and wife team they bring a fun perspective to the conversation whether it is a show of them talking or they have a featured guest. They cover a variety of topics and offer useful resources for parents in their honest and entertaining show. Listen: Thank you Whitney for helping me talk to my kids about drugs.

Parents’ Perspective Linda and Sandra host an interview show with guest experts talking about a lot of parenting ideas. They have an extensive back catalogue and are heard around the world via American Forces Radio. There show is full of information and cover a vast diversity of topics Listen: 493. Tricks of the Trade: Dr. Riley’s Box of Tricks

Behind the blog  Erin offers a gentle parenting podcast going behind the blog of interesting parents and sharing their daily lives. It’s a fascinating fly on the wall of other people’s lives, escapism, aspiration, inspiration and surprise all rolled into one. It’s an authentic look at the real lives of other parents. Listen: Episode Two :: Tara Wagner

The Parent Report Short and to the point tips on all aspects of parenting with guest excerpts with host Joanne Wilson Listen: How to Discipline Children with Fairness

Raising Playful Tots  This is a show dedicated to mums who want to make the most of playtime with their under 5 tots via appropriate play in Early Childhood. It’s a mix of show formats with guest experts, educators and practitioners and mums sharing their knowledge, experience and comment about play for the 21st century family. Listen: 87. How to teach children to share

The Power of Moms Part of a large community of moms this show interviews guests with the aim of enriching your life by listening to meaningful conversations. The current show list seems to favour empowering the mom to take action with interesting guests and bubbly hosts. Listen: Raising Global Children – Episode 29

Family Anatomy  hosted by two psychologists  having conversations about children and families. They discuss articles and research that’s not getting to parents as well as interview experts. They use their experience of their day jobs and as parents to share down to earth practical advice and information. As well as discuss and translate research ideas into practical ideas that parents can use. Listen: Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 133) | families

The Simple Mom Podcast Hosted by Tsh of Simplemom.net. She interviews contributors, good friends and favourite bloggers about all things related to simple living just like her network. We get to know the people behind the blogs as they share their journey in this conversational show. As well as asking interesting questions, Tsh has a set of questions she asks every guest.  Listen: Doing it all

Positive Parenting Radio  Armin interviews expert guests about important and timely topics of interest to parents and families. He also provides engaging advice and answers reader questions in his weekly show. Listen: Keep your brain health for the rest of your life

The American Muslim Mom Ponn shares parenting ideas and thoughts from a Muslim perspective with lots of cross over content appealing to all parents. Her shows are full of information and empower us to be better parents. It was so exciting to interview her about life as a Muslim parent. Listen: American Muslim Mom Podcast #11 – Ramadan and Sadaqah Drives

Brain Burps about books  Katie interviews authors, publishers, illustrators and those working in the world of kidlit. She has monthly contributors who review picture books, talk about marketing your picture book. Katie takes time to answer listener questions about book related ideas and provides current views of what’s going on in the children’s book market. I love her style and enthusiasm. Listen: Reading is Fundamental

Childhood Matters This general parenting show offers a variety of advice for parents who are looking for answers to a wide range of parenting dilemmas and topics. It covers a wide span of ages. Guests, experts and parents both appear on this show. The host is really good at letting the guest speak and asking good questions Listen: Baby Proof Your Relationship

Hand in Hand  provides support and helpful information for new Moms and Dads on everything from Responding Well to Crying to Helping Baby Sleep to Handling the “Baby Blues” in these short, easy to use audio files. Listen: Building a Special Relationship with Your Baby

The Mom Podcast tackles topics between two to three co hosts. Shows are conversational so you feel like you’re listening in to friends chatting as well as featured guests talking on an issue. These women have varied opinions so makes for an interesting show. It’s not just about the kids but includes all things mom. Listen: Dating after a Divorce

The Parents journall produces short educational shows on specific topics. Bobbi interviews Guest experts who share practical ideas on common parenting issues. The ideas cover childhood and show length varies according to topic. This show  makes it on to my weekly download every week. Listen: Helping Your Preschooler Adjust to Nursery School

What Really Matters  This two cohost show is produced really well and both are always sunny, down to earth and ask great questions. It’s a family resource site about making life simple so you can enjoy what really matters via experts. It’s easy to pick up practical ideas. Listen: #252 Title: How to Be a Grown Up: 10 Secret Skills Everyone Needs to Know

The Creative Mom Podcast Amy hosts a creative talk show filled with good creative discussion and inspiring music for creative moms (and non-moms and artists and creatives of all types) to listen to for a feeling of community, understanding, and inspiration.  The show includes creative projects with kids, artist notes from the week in review, journaling ideas and suggestions, book reviews, blog mentions, weekly prompts, and, sometimes, creative non-fiction essays. Listen: Episode 169: Vignettes

Pregtastic Perfect for the soon to be pregnant or pregnant with a group of hosts in various stages of pregnancy sharing their stories at a time when you’re hungry for information and want to talk about everything. They also interview guest experts and proud parents come back to the show to share their stories. Listen:  Natural Baby Pros’ Empowered Birth Stories: Natasha

Baby and Toddler Instructions Blythe’s show features information, advice and conversation around the baby and toddler years. With guest experts  together they will provide instructions to make those first years a breeze!! Lots of the advice and information around this age group but it relates to older children as well. Blythe has interviewed me and I’ve interviewed her on the show and she’s a lot of fun and full of information. Listen: WHAT ARE THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU CAN GIVE YOUR CHILD?

Musing Mommies is a podcast designed for moms by moms!  If you are looking for a very informative show with experts in their fields giving advice? It’s not them!  They will give you info and some interviews in their own way.  The diversity of the topics are interesting and there’s a lot of moments where you can really relate to situations.Well worth a listen to Dawn and Kim. Listen: Musing Mommies Podcast Episode 144 {How We Women Treat Each Other}

Mom Enough This mother/daughter cohost team explore the many facets of motherhood in today’s world – from confronting the daily joys and struggles of helping kids grow up well, to balancing work and family, to considering the big questions of how society views and values mothers and mothering. Listen: DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE A HABIT THAT DRIVES YOU UP THE WALL?

BAM radio  is a multi channel network appealing to educators, parents and leaders in education. Host Rae interviews 2-3 guests around an issue or question. The guests views are often diverse and discussion of the issues present themselves in these short shows. It promises to deliver the latest insights and wisdom from the leading experts in the fields of early childhood education, physical education/motor development, play research, child development, and the neurosciences. Listen: Talking Candidly with Teens about Contemporary Racial Issues

Triple P Parenting Experts from the Positive Parenting Program at the University of Queensland provide parenting advice in simple, effective language. Listen via subscription in itunes.   Listen: Work Life Balance

The Parent’s Plate  Brenda hosts this show . She’s a parenting author, expert, and mom who understands you want to be a great parent – or just survive – amid life’s chaos. Mission-driven to empower parents through education and encouragement. She interviews guest and shares practical ideas, suggestions and comment on modern parenting. Listen: Give Dads a Second Chance


I know this has been a longer than usual post and I thank you for staying with me and reading this far. Why not bookmark this list in your favourite places like Pinterest or StumbleUpon.  There’s a share it button at the foot of this post.

Since this list covers different stages of parenting as you and your child grows and your needs change so might your podcast listening.

There’s bound to be many more parenting podcast out there. Do let me us know in the comments below so we can visit these shows too. I don’t recommend you subscribe to all these shows but listen to a few episodes not just the one listed here to get a feel for the show, then subscribe, call in or write them.

The information in these shows make for great conversations with friends over coffee and soft play , provide points of discussion for your spouse,  have you nodding or raging, as well as make you cry, laugh so hard your child gives you that “What on earth?” look.

I’m starting a collaborative board on Pinterest of Parenting Podcasts. If you are a producer and wish to share your shows in a network  with other shows. Get in touch with your Pinterest id to my email address and I’ll send you the details.

This post is long enough.


Happy Listening :: Conversation and renewed direction!

 Edited to add: Many thanks to Kara of SimpleKids  and Meredith of OverthinkingMom for sharing their favourite parenting podcasts. 

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    Thank you so much for the mention.  We are honored to be listed. 


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